Galina Dub – Bio, Net Worth, Everything You Need To Know

Galina Dub’s pictures on Instagram are best described as an ideal manifestation of perfection in human creation. If good looks had a measurement, the young model would definitely be the exact SI Unit of the female anatomy. Fashionably recognized as Dub, she stepped a foot into the limelight at a very young age and wasted no time in taking bold steps in the world of fashion as a queen of the runway.

Since she made her Instagram debut in August 2014, Galina has walked the lane most would-be models hope to walk in the future. She is signed to Marvin Model Management and has been making jaw-dropping appearances in different photo sessions for several brands as she works and walks for many fashion labels. Simply put, she is one among the highly successful models ever to emerge from Instagram. This article is a familiarization tour of the model’s professional life, personal life, net worth, and other facts.

Galina Dub’s Bio

The young woman behind the beautiful photos is one of those celebs who guard their personal lives jealously as we don’t have many details about her. What is currently available are limited facts on her place of birth which is captured as St Petersburg and her date of birth listed as the 1st of July in 1995. Information on her childhood and family background is sadly lacking. However, we do know that her given name at birth is Galyusha Dubenenko. Just like her background, no details exist on her academics, this is very much unlike your regular celebrity who loves to share details about their lives with fans, but it might just be a creative strategy on the model’s part to constantly keep her fan base on their toes anytime she uploads posts on her Instagram page.

Galina Dub was still very young when she made the decision to follow a career in modeling. Before fame, she operated an Instagram account under the name ‘galina_dub’ which earned her a good level of popularity and subsequently, she gained international interest from her uninterrupted sizzling posts on Instagram. On the long run, her devotion finally paid off in the form of a modeling deal with Marvin Model Agency.

Since she bagged the deal with Marvin, the photogenic model has experienced unprecedented success in her online presence with her fanbase escalating to a tremendous figure on a daily basis. Evidence of Galina’s success abounds in the massive number of views and likes that appear on her page each time she uploads those eye-popping videos and photos. With more than three million fans following her Instagram handle and with fans not being able to get enough of her astonishing beauty, you just have to believe that Galina Dub is the complete package, a veritable masterpiece of the runway. She has gone ahead to launch another Instagram account that has already exceeded 116k in following.

Net Worth

Presently, there are contradicting accounts of the Russian model’s net worth, but the truth remains that Galina’s career is on the fast lane as it grows in leaps and bounds on a daily basis, even though it is still early days for her. Her wealth stands a good chance of making outstanding progress if she continues with the present level of hard work and dedication but her net worth has been pegged at $500,000. On her income, she earns around $57k which culminates in annual earnings of about $683k.

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Other Facts You Need To Know about Galina Dub

Body Features

Her sizzling shots are straight 10. The professional model is perfection epitomized, from her curves to her height and weight, Galina is simply beautiful. Her bust, waist and hip measurements are summarized as 31-24-33; she stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, balanced on a commensurate body weight of 56kg or 123 lb. With the kind of body she has, it does not come as a surprise that Galina Dub is an advocate of healthy living. She is not only a gym enthusiast but also goes to dancing classes in order to keep fit. Her daily gym activities are always shared with her fans on her Instagram page.

Personal Life

When you have attained the level of success that Galina Dub currently enjoys, it becomes only natural that an interest in your personal life will follow. With the model becoming the toast of many men on social media, there is increased curiosity about the lucky dude who gets to call her his wife or girlfriend but to date, this particular interest has been met with silence on Galina’s part. She prefers to keep her private affairs under lock and key, and thus, it is difficult to say if she is single or attached.


She has had past collaborations with fellow model Viki Odintcova who also walks for Marvin. The duo has made joint appearances on each other’s Instagram page.


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