The Gambia Will Remain In The International Criminal Court

The new Gambian administration has made a u-turn on the previous administration’s decision to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The state media reported on Monday that President Adama Barrow’s administration had reversed the decision to leave the international tribunal.

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In October 2016, former President Yahya Jammeh had announced that the Gambia will be pulled out of the ICC citing a partial stance of the international tribunal which ignores the crimes of Western nations, while only prosecuting the crimes of Africans.

“There are many Western countries, at least 30, that have committed heinous war crimes against independent sovereign states and their citizens since the creation of the ICC and not a single Western war criminal has been indicted,” part of Gambia’s withdrawal from the ICC statement read.

One of Barrow’s promises following his election win was to restore human rights and improve the state of The Gambia.

“As a new government that has committed itself to the promotion of human rights … we reaffirm The Gambia’s commitment to the principles enshrined in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,” said a statement read on the state radio and TV. The statement also added that the U.N Secretary-General has been notified of Gambia’s decision to remain in the International Criminal Court.

This comes on the heels of African countries’ decision to stage a mass pullout from the ICC during the recently concluded African Union, African leaders have adopted a strategy calling for a collective withdrawal from the International Criminal Court.

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Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan who was also a pioneer of the ICC warned that the rate at which African states are pulling out of the ICC is disturbing. He added that this would cause the countries guilty of perpetrating crimes against humanity to continue unrestricted.