Gandhi's Statue Soon To Be Removed From The University Of Ghana

Gandhi has finally fallen. Gandhi’s statue, which was commemorated at the Universiy of Ghana campus some months back, will soon be removed thanks to the campaigners who started a petition to have it removed on the grounds that Mahatma Gandhi was racist.

The Ghanaian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration divulged that the statue will be removed from the campus.

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The campaigners for the removal of Gandhi’s statue have also requested for an opportunity to start a fund raise for the erection of statues of a Ghanaian hero/heroine on the campus.

Gandhi’s statue was hoisted in June during the visit of India’s President Pranab Mukherjee to Ghana.

However, this was not welcomed by academics at the University of Ghana. They accused Gandhi of being a racist who did not respect black people, precisely the blacks in South Africa.

Gandhi's Statue Soon To Be Removed From The University Of Ghana

They campaigners initiated a petition on which gave evidence of Gandhi’s racist remarks about blacks and consequently called for the removal of Gandhi’s statue.

A part of the petition read:

“How will the historian teach and explain that Gandhi was uncharitable in his attitude towards the Black race and see that we’re glorifying him by erecting a statue on our campus?”

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“To say that what Gandhi wrote about Africans was merely an indication that he was a product of his time would be to do injustice to the many anti-racism/anti-caste scholars and activists of Indian and African descent of the same era”.

Their determination to see the statue removed caused a rival group to surface, who were driving for the statue to remain. However, this group only got 230 signatures as opposed to the ‘remove’ group’s nearly 2,000 signatures.