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Garrett Watts is a popular comedy-content YouTuber and social media star with lots of fans around the world. His Hilarious posts and massive work made him famous online, however, before he became so popular running his own YouTube channel, he had worked several other jobs in his efforts to find a suitable niche to carve out his career from.

From the onset of his YouTube career, Garrett Watts was determined to impress his subscribers with the kind of posts he shared and he has been very successful in this regard as the number of his subscribers has only increased over time to well over 3 million.

Garrett Watts’ Biography and Age

Garrett Watts was born into the family of Randy C. Watts and his wife Linda C. Watts on June 15, 1989, at Memphis, Tennessee, United States. His father is an author and a writer who worked as a private investigator at MJM investigations. Watts has two older brothers; Randy who is a police officer and Andrew whose occupation is not known. In the midst of the boys is Watts only sister Marianne who is a well-known makeup artist.

The Youtuber had his Junior High School education at Mesa, Arizona where he was suspended from school for making a weapon. He later went to the community college in Mesa and progressed to the University of Los Angeles, California where he studied Filmmaking. Garrett Watts loves pets and has two pet mice he named ‘popcorn’ and ‘Echo’ and he is very fond of them.

His Career

At the age of 14, a restless Garrett Watts took up work in a haunted house in the capacity of a scarecrow and subsequently as an impersonator of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Some other places he worked before he struck gold on Youtube include an event planning firm by the name SKM entertainment as a DJ, Aroma Coffee and Tea Company where he worked as a Concierge, Nigel Lythgoe Productions as a Casting coordinator from 2011 December to 2012 April.

As an adult, Watts took to the social media like every other youngster his age but he went a step further in his bid to earn from it. On 30th May 2012, Garrett Watts created his own YouTube channel with the aim of interacting with friends and people of like minds. His first video Coco Goes to target was followed by Coco Goes to Walgreen. These videos did not get so many views and did not make much impact because he was still very new on the platform. Next, he did a welcome video which he welcomed the much subscribers he had at the time.

On the heels of his welcome address, he chose to spice things up and introduced his new series titled ‘Will It Combo’ where he showcased different combination of food or other things to see exactly how it will turn out. He started getting so much attention with the help of the different segments that he created and soon, more people than he anticipated became interested and subscribed to his channel. His subscriber base grew steadily to the tune of well over 3 million.

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Is He Gay?

Garrett Watts
Garrett and Shane

To answer the question which has been on the minds of his numerous fans Garrett Watts is very much Gay and was formerly in a love relationship with Shane Dawson a fellow YouTube star. Their time together began when they met through Tinder. There is no timeline for exactly when they started dating or when they broke up, but Shane made a video in 2016 in which he referred to Watts as his ex.

During the Gay Pride Month of June 2017, Garrett Watts openly made a declaration about his sexuality on social media stating that he is proudly gay. Since that declaration, he has not been so eager to keep things under the radar anymore. Garrett Watts is in a relationship with Ryland Adams, who is also a YouTube star.

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Garrett Watts’ Net Worth

Garrett Watts’ YouTube income has immensely contributed to his net worth. As a comedian, he has been highly distinguished on the video-sharing platform, and with the massive numbers of subscribers, his posts attract millions of views which translates to a lot of money for him. His average monthly income is estimated at $5789 whereas his net worth which has not been pegged to a specific figure is said to stand between $500,000 and $800,000.


Garret Watts is blessed with an enormous height. He stands tall at 193cm (6 feet 4 inches) balanced by a weight of 187.5 lbs (85kg). Many fans have remarked that he is good looking and as such, it is not surprising that other YouTubers are attracted to him.

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