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Few comedians have been nicknamed to describe how funny they are and one of such comedians is Gary Owen who has been labeled the Funniest Serviceman in America. He is called a Serviceman because of the time he served in the United States Navy, where he was for a period of six years before he decided to make a thing out of his comedic inclination. During his time in the Navy, he was part of the Presidential Honour Guard. The Honour Guard is a ceremonial military group that escorts the president or dignitaries during official visitation.

Gary Owen’s Age and Background Details

Gary Owen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 26th of July in 1974; he was named after his father, Gary Owens while his mother is called Barb Rendall.

His decision to enlist in the Navy was one he took right after high school, and he was immediately made to join the honor guard, a job he failed at for always smiling. Next, he joined the military police at San Diego, yet another job that proved too hard for him to do, making only three arrests in two years. Hence the decision to go into comedy.

He began doing stand-up comedy at clubs in San Diego, building a name and a reputation as a comedian. In a short while, he was dubbed the Funniest Serviceman in America. In a twist of events, he won the Funniest Black Comedian in San Diego, as a white man. This was what introduced him to a larger fan base and landed him his first comedy gig at The Comedy Store, which is basically a club for comedy located in West Hollywood.

Gary Owen is the only white man who has had the opportunity to host the show, Comic View on BET; this he has done twice. He is not only recognized for his stand-up comedy but for his acting as well, he has had performances in Daddy Day Care, Hillbilly Highway, House of Payne, Held Up, and Ride Along. The films he is most known for are Think Like a Man and Think Like a Man Too.

Family – Parents, Brothers, Wife, and Kid 

Gary Owen comes from a large family of nine including his parents, who had six other children beside him. Not much is known of his family, but it is known that his family did not have much while he was growing up and barely got by. As a child, he lived in a trailer park, the location of the trailer park is one of the many things about his childhood that is not known. In May of 2015, one of his brothers named Dallas Randall died. His death was caused by a heroin overdose.

Gary Owen
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For a man who has won competitions that are meant for black people and holds the record for the only white man to host a show on Black Entertainment Television, it is clear that Gary Owen has always been in close proximity to black people. This is why his marriage to Kenya Duke, an African-American woman came as no surprise to a lot of people. The couple met in a comedy club and got married on the 19th of July, 2003. The ceremony was not a very smooth one and had about three disasters which include the cake being dropped. In 2006, in a much quieter and less chaotic ceremony, they renewed their vows.

Kenya Duke was previously married to a man with whom she had a child called Emilio. Apart from Emilio, Kenya and Gray Owen have two children together, a girl and a boy, respectively named Kennedy and Austin. They are raising all three of their children together.

Kenya is not just a wife or a mother; she is an entrepreneur who owns a Travel company that is aimed at transporting sports teams either at college or professional level from one location to another. She has also been in charge of the transport of musicians on their tours and actors who need to shoot scenes in outdoor locations.

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Gary Owen’s Net Worth

Gary Owen is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million, which is only fairly decent considering that he has had a good career as an actor and as a comedian.

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