Understanding The Enigma That Is Gavin McInnes, The Controversies He Has Stirred and All About His Wife

Gavin McInnes is a polemical English-born writer and TV personality, who is best known for his racist and fascist ideologies, as well as his co-ownership of Vice Media and Vice Magazine. He is also an actor and founder/former chairman of the far-right neo-fascist men’s group, Proud Boys. McInnes stepped down from being the chairman after the group was tagged by the FBI as an extremist organization due to their repeated misconduct.

In addition to the above, the host of the popular program, Get Off My Lawn, has been denied entrance into Australia over supposed bad behavior that has further led him to be banned on many social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook and websites like Amazon and Paypal.

Gavin McInnes Had A Reputation Of Being A Troublemaker Since Childhood

Gavin McInnes was born on the 17th of July 1970 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England. His parents are of British ancestry, which makes Gavin a full-fledged British man. It was also gathered that his father, James McInnes, served as the Vice President of Operations at Gallium while his mother, Loraine McInnes, was a former business teacher.

Due to the level of hardship faced by his family in England, they had to relocate to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in search of better living conditions. During Gavin’s early years in Ottawa, he was enrolled in a local school to start his education, but due to his nonchalant attitude in school, he earned a reputation as the ‘class clown.’

His father, who was a professional in his field, was not pleased with his behavior, and he had to arrange for Gavin to receive special classes. The widely acclaimed writer refers to the experience as ‘living in jail’ back then. However, he was able to complete his high school education from Earl of March Secondary School. He even went on to bag a degree in English Literature from Carleton University afterward.

His Career Pursuits At Vice Magazine

As a teenager, Gavin McInnes had initially nursed the idea of delving into music, and he is notable as a member of the punk band, Anal Chinook. This path was a dead end as the band did not turn out to be successful. This made him focus more on writing, and it even prompted his decision to study English Literature at Carleton University.

After he graduated, the aspiring writer then found it very difficult to get a job, which made him join ‘Voice of Montreal’ publication, which is a government establishment tasked with the sole responsibility of providing community services. That was where he met his colleagues, Suroosh Alvi and Shane Smith, with whom he later acquired the firm in 1994. They eventually changed the publication’s name to ‘Vice’ in 1996 and when the government officials wanted to sue them, Gavin with his colleagues paid them off.

In the coming years, his work in the magazine got a lot of attention and WNBC radio station named him the godfather of hipsterdom. As a professional writer, he has contributed to articles in Vice magazine such as The Vice Guide to Picking Up Chicks and the Vice Guide to Happiness. Furthermore, he was a co-author of the magazine’s two books: The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll along with Vice Do’s and Dont’s: 10 years of Vice Magazine’s Street Fashion Critiques.

Gavin McInnes’ Other Endeavors 

In 2008, McInnes parted ways with his colleagues at the Vice and took a job as the creative director of an advertising agency named Rooster. However, in 2014, he was asked to resign his position as a result of a transphobic essay he wrote on the Thought Catalog. This essay was strongly reprimanded by the public that it almost led to the collapse of Rooster.

In subsequent years, McInnes went on to become a frequent guest on multiple television programs like Fox News’ Red Eye, The Alex Jones Show, and The Sean Hannity show among others. By June 2015, his podcast, Gavin McInnes show, made its first appearance on Compound media.

He has also made a series of contributions to magazines like Death and Taxes, American Renaissance, The Federalist, and others. Currently, Gavin is associated with Taki’s Magazine as their writer and has featured in movies like How to Be a Man and One More Time.

He Has Courted Many Controversies Over The Years

The writer cum political commentator owes a good part of his current popularity to the numerous controversies he has stirred up over the years. His controversial statements, which he dishes out without remorse, cuts across all spheres of life as Gavin always has a thing or two to say about issues about religion, politics, sexuality, and violence, amongst others.

He Used His Notorious Group, Proud Boys To Stirr Violence

In 2016, Gavin McInnes founded the Proud Boys group, an association that became notorious for stirring political violence. He promotes the White genocide conspiracy, which believes that there are organized plans to make the white race extinct, and armed with this view, members of the Proud Boys have fueled several violent events.


In 2018, the group, who was part of violence at the Metropolitan Republic Club, sometime in October that year led to them being sanctioned to court. However, Gavin’s avid followers defended his reputation during the questioning sessions. Many of them believed that he was being ‘demonized’ wrongly. Albeit, the acclaimed writer has openly promoted violent behaviors during a speech he made at New York University in 2017 when Proud Boys had a clash with Antifa protestors.

He Has Made Several Racist & Degrading Gender Comments

McInnes has been called a racist on one too many occasions in the past. The media personality, who promotes white supremacist ideology, has also made several racial comments against the likes of Jada Pinkett Smith, whom he called a ‘monkey actress‘ and Susan Rice, whom he also degraded with his racist comments. He has also made very degrading remarks about Asians referring to the fact that they don’t have good eyesight. More so, Gavin does not deter from showcasing his hatred for the Palestinians, as well as the Jews.

Regarding his gender controversies, the writer believes women are not as tough as men. He referred to the fact that most women would be happier staying at home rather than indulging in the rigors of life men go through to cater for their families. The writer had also shared his displeasure about women police as he sees females unfit to be in such positions.

Gavin Has Openly Called Muslims Stupid

Gavin McInnes’ religious controversy is primarily directed to the Muslim, and he is open about the fact that he is anti-Islam. In one of his unorthodox speeches, he has mentioned that “Muslims are stupid … the only thing they respect is violence and being tough.”

He also condemned Muslim marriages as he pointed out that they often marry their close relatives starting with first cousins. He saw the act as a major problem as they would mass produce murderers from the combination of damaged breeds and studying the Koran, which he called a ‘hate book.’

Meet Emily Jendiask, Gavin McInnes’ Wife

Gavin McInnes
Gavin and his wife

Gavin McInnes is married to Emily Jendisak, who worked as a consultant and publicist in Manhattan, New York. The pair are said to have met for the first time at Max fish bar in New York. Soon after that, they kicked off a relationship that led them to exchange marital vows in 2005 in a ceremony held at the Sunset View Farms in Bovina, New York. Together, McInnes and Jendisak have three kids, and since their marriage, his wife has relinquished her career pursuit to be a full-time stay at home mum.

Although Gavin has been quite notorious for his liberal mindset, his wife, who also shares the same philosophy, has somewhat managed to stay off the public’s scrutiny. However, in October 2018, when the Proud Boys were arrested for instigating violence and Gavin was defamed publicly, his wife came into the limelight as a result of an incident in their neighborhood in Larchmont.

Their neighbors put up signs on their houses denouncing violence and hate while referring to the McInnes. This was upsetting for the family, and Emily tried to calm their neighbors by revealing that her family was loving. She sent emails to their neighbors in a bid to ease the tension and went on to reveal that as a native-American, she was very accommodating.


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