Our Size… Our Pride; Jonathan Advocates For A United Nigeria

Yesterday, Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan met with President Buhari.

The GEJ-Buhari meeting was basically borne out of protocol.

In his comments to the state house correspondents, GEJ stressed the need for a peaceful and “united Nigeria”.

“Without peace, you can never reap development anywhere in the world. So, we are all working collectively to see that these issues are resolved”

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For a range of reasons some sects in Nigeria have been strongly advocating for the nation to be split in parts. A major cause of this is deeply rooted in tribalism.

Unfortunately the incumbent President has been accused of either consciously or unconsciously displaying unmistakable traits of nepotism in his administration. Thus the call for the division of the large West African nation.

Going further on in his interview, the former president said the world will lose focus on Nigeria if the nation splits up.

“The emphasis is that we need a united Nigeria and I always emphasize that Nigeria is great.”

“We are great because of our size, the human resources that we have, the diversity we have, and so, if we balkanize the country into small components, we will all be forgotten by the world.”

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On the Niger Delta Millitants, Goodluck says that the call for peace in the region is not just for him alone. It also involved the efforts of traditional rulers, elders and opinion leaders of the Ijaw ethnic nationality.

“We have been in touch to see that peace reigns in the country.”

The former president refused to say anything on Buhari’s corruption fight; saying it was not yet time for him to do so.

However GEJ summarized his meeting with the President at the Villa as a traditional routine.

His mission was to relay his mission as the head of the African Union Elections Observer to Zambia to the President. He says protocol demanded that he did so.

The Wednesday GEJ-Buhari meeting ended with an advocacy for a “united Nigeria”. Gej says it is one of his many visits to the villa since Buhari’s regime.