Gender Fluidity

ASOS makeup brand is set to cash into the gender fluidity claims of men who want to use makeup but not appear feminine.

Quoting Out Magazine:

ASOS has announced they’re selling makeup to men with a new, man-approved line of products from men’s makeup brand MMUK MAN that includes “Manscara,” “Beard & Brow Filler,” and “Liquid Foundation For Men.” 

It appears as though the western world is no longer satisfied with gender specific ideas.

Owing to transgender-tolerant countries, being strictly either male or female may soon be a relative concept.

As weird as it may sound some men who are supposedly straight have expressed their wish to apply makeups. They desire to look as good as women do with mascaras and concealers. They also point out that the effect is not necessarily to appear feminine but to enhance their masculine looks.

Some agree with them, hinging the argument on gender fluidity.

Gender fluidity is the concept that affords both genders to conveniently cross into what used to be specifically identified with the opposite gender.

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Gender Fluidity

In the world of fashion, gender specifics have been breached a lot of times. Maybe for the profits or just variety, some clothes, shoes and accessories have become uni-sex.

Fashion brands such as Zara has been criticized for the “Ungendered” Collections. The international fashion brand rolled out collections claimed to be gender-less even though they overly appear masculine.

Other similar occasions include Vogue’s popular cisgender couple who borrow each other’s clothes; in other words propagating the idea of gender fluidity.

Gender Fluidity

In 2016, Soulstruck rolled out shoe collections with feminine heels but marketed for both genders.

As a matter of fact challenging the gender binary is the trend for most fashion companies.

Beyond the adventure, the trend transcends fashion. It has a strong social impact.

Since 2012, MMUK MAN have been popular in producing male cosmetics.

In film/TV productions, a touch of makeup is often used on the male folk. The concern at the moment is the intent of making beauty products for men on personal levels.

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Gender Fluidity

According to the co-founder Alex Dalley,

“We’re absolutely delighted to announce the launch at ASOS.”

“We hope that this move places make-up fomen on the radars of thousands of guys out there who simply want to look their best everyday.”

Chris Thomas argues thus:

“Makeup has been worn by people of all genders throughout history. Attaching a “for men” label and employing traditionally masculine models to sell the makeup is nothing noble.”

Perhaps gender fluidity is a branch off of the gender equality pursuit. Nevertheless it is raising concerns in societies that do not wish to further break the barriers between the male and female gender.

It is arguable that the western world is making room for the LGBT community with the consistent breach of traditional binary codes. On the other hand, fashion companies may simple be out for the money and nothing more.

The African society typically will frown at this development. Nevertheless there seems to be a handful of African men who already display such tendencies. We would like to hear from you. Tell us what you think about men wearing makeups.