Genocide in Southern Kaduna: Nigerians Worried Over Silence (Graphic Images)

Nigerians have continued to express their worries and disappointment following the ongoing genocide in Southern Kaduna area of Northern Nigeria. The displeasure of so many is coming due to what they see as the silence of the world even as close to a thousand lives have been lost already.

Taking to different available media, both individuals and groups have strongly expressed their displeasure with both the Nigerian government as well as the international community for the rather long silence.

Genocide in southern Kaduna
President Muhammadu Buhari

The area which is mostly dominated by Christians, have been experiencing attacks by alleged Fulani herdsmen. While different parts of the country have been experiencing similar attacks, the persistent attack in over fifty communities in the area and the inaction of government has made it very worrisome.

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Although these serious attacks have been on since August 2016, neither the UN nor any African body, AU or ECOWAS, has come out to force the Nigerian government into action or in the least condemn the act. More so, there is little attention given to the attacks by the international media, thus raising fears among the people in the area.

Images emanating from the area show both men, women, the aged, and even little children being massacred in large numbers. The acts are reportedly carried out by people with very sophisticated weapons. Tweets such as the one below, as well keep coming out of the area:

While Slamming the international communities, Nigerians have also criticized President Muhammadu Buhari who they accuse of being silent. Until 5th of January, 2017, the president has neither come out to condemn the attacks nor inform the people of what the government is doing about it.

In reaction to what they describe as the silence of the president, the Christian Association of Nigeria, as well as the Catholic Association of Nigeria in the state have both come out to accuse the president of not doing enough to stop the killings and seeming to consent to it. In a statement, the Christian association said:

“Common sense tells anyone that at that instance, the President has to more directly wade in because lives are involved. The continuous killings have shown that the Governor of Kaduna State lacks the will power to arrest the situation and bring it under effective control.”

In defense of the president, however, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, said it was needless for the president to speak on what many believed to be genocide in Southern Kaduna, since the state governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, had promised to handle it appropriately.

Genocide in southern Kaduna
Kaduna State Governor, Nasiru el-Rufai

This is even when many people in the area do not trust the governor, a Fulani, following a tweet he made in 2012, stating thus:

More so, the governor has stated following an attack that the attackers were foreign Fulani herdsmen, who were avenging past attacks on them and their livestock.

He also indicated that the government has been able to track some of the attackers and they have been compensated and begged to stop the attack. The statement of the governor has drawn serious criticisms as many feel the government should arrest and bring the suspects to justice and not beg or pay them since they are not the victims.

Southern Kaduna Genocide
Kaduna Women Protest

Among others that have come out to denounce the attacks was the Sultan of Sokoto who in a statement denounced the attacks, describing it as unislamic. “We also wish to call on the Federal government to objectively investigate the matter and prosecute whoever that is found guilty irrespective of the person’s tribe, creed and/or social status,”  he added.

Below are some reactions of Nigerians, calling on the government to ensure a stop to the genocide in Southern Kaduna. They are also calling on the world to speak and save them before it is too late.


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Kaduna Genocide
Kaduna Genocide



Genicide in Southern Kaduna
Southern Kaduna Genocide



Southern Kaduna Genocide
Southern Kaduna Genocide