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In addition to being flawed by several accusations of Russian influence, Donald Trump’s success at the 2016 presidential polls in America came as a great surprise to many. Investigations into the collusion case had started prior to the elections but were intensified afterward. American born George Papadopoulos was part of the people at the center of the investigations; he was on Donald Trump’s payroll as part of his advisory panel for foreign policy.

George Papadopoulos gained unprecedented public attention when on the 5th of October 2017, he pleaded guilty to accusations of making a false statement to agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on his contact with Russia during the 2016 campaigns in connection to United States-Russia relations, and Trump’s presidential campaign. He was later convicted for 12 days and placed on 12 months supervised release. While he was still vying for president, Trump hailed George as one of his foreign policy experts, referring to him as an excellent guy, however, George suddenly became a proven liar and low level to the president after his guilt was confirmed. The former foreign policy adviser to president Trump took part in a docuseries during his supervised release and has since published a book which chronicled his experience with the authorities on the Russian issue.

George Papadopoulos’ Bio (Age)

He was born at the Swedish Covenant Hospital located in Chicago, Illinois on the 19th of August 1987 to Greek immigrant parents who raised him in Lincolnwood. It did not come as a surprise that George Papadopoulos would find himself in the political arena as his dad was very active in the Greek-American community as a local Politician.

He is a multi-linguist, armed with competence in several languages like English, Arabic, Greek as well as French. George Papadopoulos was at Niles West High School in Skokie located in Illinois where he completed his high school education in 2005, before proceeding to obtain a Bachelors degree from DePaul University with a major in political science, graduating in 2009. His quest for further academic qualifications took him to the University College London where he bagged a masters degree in security studies (2010).

George Papadopoulos has handled several jobs since his graduation; however, he only got a taste of the limelight following the 2016 presidential campaign for Donald Trump where he functioned as a member of the advisory committee on foreign policy.


The parents of George Papadopoulos have been identified as Greek immigrants with origin in Thessaloniki. Antonis Papadopoulos his dad was neck deep into local politics in Greek-American community where he emerged as the then president of the Pan-Macedonian Union in the US. Though his mother Kate Papadopoulos was born in Greece, she has her hometown listed on George’s birth certificate as Worcester, Massachusetts. He has a brother whom he lived with, alongside his parents in Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois until October 2017.

George Papadopoulos’ Wife

George Papadopoulos
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Papadopoulos gave up the single life to embrace matrimony in March 2018 when he married Simona Mangiante – an attorney of Italian origin who formerly worked with the European Parliament in child adoption cases and later functioned as his spokesperson. They tied the connubial knot at Chicago City Hall in a private event. Prior to their nuptials, the couple was officially engaged for 10 months. They couldn’t proceed on a honeymoon following their wedding as a result of George’s case which prevented him from embarking on tours. However, the duo have plans to make up for lost time with a second wedding scheduled in Italy which will give them the opportunity to celebrate their union with Simona’s family

Simona has always been vocal in her husband’s defense and has been relentless in her effort to support him. She even had to resort to her Twitter account in a bid to secure an attorney for her spouse. According to George Papadopoulos’ wife, accusing fingers have been pointed at her by people who suspect her of being a spy. However, she has stood her ground in speaking out that her husband was never part of any collusion and has nothing in common with the Russian government. On his own part, George has revealed that his family was concerned his spouse might be a spy for the Russian government, however, he has dismissed the suspicions as he appears to trust his partner implicitly.

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Net Worth

George Papadopoulos’ net worth has always come in variations which point to the fact no one is sure of the exact value of his wealth. However a recent review by a reliable source pegged it at $4 million which is still subject to verifications considering the fact that he has never opened up on the subject, George was billed a fine of $250,000 after his scandal with the Russian Government which brought him very close to a five-year jail term.

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