What Does Georges LeBar Do For a Living and What Is The Secret of His Long Union with RuPaul

It is often said that opposites attract and one more perfect example we have of this phenomenon is Georges LeBar. LeBar is an Australian-born painter and author who has also made strides as a rancher. He is, however, most famous for his marriage to famous American drag queen, actor, model, singer, and TV personality, RuPaul Charles.

Easily the most famous drag queen in the world, LeBar’s husband has a very colorful personality which naturally draws him to the spotlight. This is in stark contrast to his Australian partner who prefers to keep his head low and pursue his interests quietly. Despite these differences, LeBar and his husband have been able to sustain their romance since they first met back in 1994. They now have one of the most stable unions in Hollywood, proving that true love indeed comes in various forms.

Georges LeBar Previously Worked in the Fashion Industry before Becoming an Artist

Georges LeBar may not be a Hollywood star like husband, RuPaul, but he has exhibited his creativity in the fashion and art world. Having studied in places such as Paris, New York, and Miami, LeBar spent a few years working in the fashion and design industry. He later switched to art and now specializes in painting vibrant and colorful images that are influenced by his history.

Some of his paintings include Pillow Talk, Six Inches Away, Tapestry, Gossip, Sitting On A Fence, and Microwaves Of Mascara. Microwaves of Mascara is described as a nod to the consumerist society that we live in. The microwave symbolizes society’s need for instant gratification while the mascara is the ultimate instrument of beauty enhancement perpetuating the illusion of flirty sexuality.

LeBar Has Authored Two Art Books Including 2007’s Pillow Talk

Georges LeBar has also gone the extra mile of transplanting some of his paintings into art and history books. To date, the Australian-born fellow has authored no less than two books namely, Six Inches Away and Pillow talk, both of which were published in October 2007. Pillow Talk is described as a collaboration of painting and poetry in which the bed is depicted as an icon, as locus, and the central scene where varying characters enact their dramas. Sappho is the voice, an index of fragmentation and the work contains her archives; preserving the space behind closed doors which were lost for centuries and recently retrieved and reinvented.

Georges Lebar and RuPaul Charles
The couple in the early days of their relationship (image source)

He is the Owner of the 66,000-acre Le Bar Ranch Stretching Across Wyoming and South Dakota

The painter-cum-author is also a successful rancher with a 66,000-acre ranch stretching across the states of Wyoming and South Dakota. He also has a 2,972-acre ranch located in Nebraska as well a 6,280-acre ranch near Provo, South Dakota. However, sources reveal that the latter has been sold.

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LeBar has yet to dish on specific details of his ranch operations but husband, RuPaul, revealed in an interview with famed late-night show host, Jimmy Kimmel, in December 2018, that modern ranching is really all about land management. So, what LeBar does, in a nutshell, is to take charge of leasing out mineral rights and selling water to oil companies who need it as well as leasing out lots of land to people who actually have the cattle.

The Duo Met on the Dance Floor of a New York Club in 1994

Georges LeBar and husband, RuPaul Charles, first set sights on each other on the dance floor of Limelight Disco at 6th Avenue and 21st Street on the 23rd day of January 1994 (which happened to Georges birthday). According to the TV personality, he was impressed by the manic dance moves that the young man was showing off. Another trait that reeled him in was the fact that Georges was quite tall, standing 6 feet 8 inches, which gave him the chance to finally have his arms around the shoulders of someone who was taller than him (he stands at 6 feet 4). The TV star made the first move and LeBar yielded to his advances. They started dating in earnest and by the next week, they were jetting off to places such as London and Dusseldorf, courtesy of a private jet belonging to one of RuPaul’s pals, Elton John.

The Couple Have An Open Relationship 

Georges LeBar
Image Source

Georges LeBar and Charles RuPaul have remained together since that 1994 meeting and their love has been growing stronger by the day. They have however had their shares of ups, downs, and everything in-between but have been able to survive it all. The couple primarily makes their home in the Wyoming ranch but RuPaul routinely travels to Los Angeles to film his popular drag queens TV reality competition series as well as other Hollywood projects.

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The couple, therefore, spend three weeks apart each month but pick up from where they left off once Charles is back in town. The drag queen has meanwhile revealed that they have an open relationship. According to him, monogamy is a hoax and they don’t want to put restraints on someone they love. The couple, therefore, gives each other the freedom to indulge in something they can’t resist whilst still loving each other more than any person else in the world.

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They Got Married for Practical Financial Reasons

Georges LeBar and Charles RuPaul have been together for about 26 years now and in that time, the latter’s career has grown so much so that he is now one of the most popular faces in Hollywood. Georges meanwhile remains camera shy and doesn’t want anything to do with show business.

He avoids the cameras and red carpets, preferring to spend time on his ranch, but also occasionally turns up to support his husband. For instance, he attended the 2019 Emmy ceremonies where his husband took home the prize for outstanding reality completion series. The rancher was also on hand when RuPaul received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2018. Other ceremonies they have jointly attended include Time 100 Gala 2018 and the 2019 edition of The Met Gala.

Meanwhile, the couple is now formally husband and husband. They formalized their union in a secret ceremony conducted by Judge Judy in January 2017. RuPaul revealed the news in an interview with Hollywood Today Live in March that same year. He stated that they never wanted to conform to societal norms of getting married but were forced to do it for financial reasons such as getting the tax breaks and incentives afforded married couples.

LeBar and Husband have Faced Criticism for Allowing Fracking on Their Ranch

Georges LeBar
Image Source

RuPaul previously revealed that LeBar’s ranch is all about land management and this fact has come back to bite him in the you-know-where. Some climate activists did some deep research and found out that the ranch leases land to about three companies, Anadarko E&P Onshore, Chesapeake Operating, and Anschutz Oil Company, who embark on extensive drilling for oil and gas. These companies use the controversial method of fracking, a practice of drilling that emits the dangerous greenhouse gas, methane.

Methane is said to affect the climate 84 times more than carbon and can also cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The revelation of these facts in March 2020 did not go down well with many people. They criticized the couple for endangering the earth. They also particularly called out RuPaul for being a hypocrite given that he had organized events in support of climate change in the past.

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So far, neither LeBar nor RuPaul has responded to the backlash from the public on the issue.

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