Georgia Hardstark – Biography, Husband and Net Worth

One of the most popular innovations brought by the internet is podcast. Many people have become celebrities, thanks to their thought-provoking podcasts; many public personalities have equally boosted their profile via podcasts. One of those who shot to fame via podcasting is Georgia Hardstark. She is a co-host of hit podcast – My Favourite Murder. The podcast records millions of downloads each week and is in the top ten of iTunes Comedy Charts.

Find out more about Hardstark here, including her biography, husband, net worth and family facts.

Georgia Hardstark’s Biography

Georgia Miriam Hardstark was born on the 8th of June 1980 in California. There is not much information about her childhood or educational background. However, it is not hard to see that Hardstark is a well-educated individual. Her success story exemplifies the importance of friendship in life. After graduating from college, she initially worked as a receptionist at a company. She, however, used her spare time to blog about food as she was a foodie. She was thus living out a normal existence when she met Alie Ward (an L.A. Times columnist) at a bar in 2009.

They became fast friends and subsequently made a video of themselves creating a preposterous drink known as the McNuggetini (which by the sounds of it apparently had some sort of chicken inside). The video was picked up by a popular website and became a viral hit. The two ladies continued posting viral videos on how to make outlandish cocktails and soon landed on The Cooking Channel. Georgia Hardstark and her bestie/collaborator, Alie Ward, now have several shows on The Cooking Channel. They include Drinks with Alie & Georgia, Tripping Out with Alie & George and Classy Ladies with Alie and Georgia. The duo also has a podcast known as Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia.

Georgia Hardstark is also famous for My Favourite Murder podcast. The program is a collaborative effort with Karen Kilgariff – a renowned comedian/writer who has worked as a head writer on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Hardstark and Kilgariff first met at a Halloween party in 2015. Kilgariff was recounting a horrific car accident she witnessed and Hardstark was the only one not horrified by the story. They got talking and discussed various crazy murders they had heard of.

In January 2016, they launched the My Favourite Murder podcast. They basically focus on crimes, especially murders, which have gripped America. The podcast approaches such crimes with a light-hearted but still respectful approach. Their program provides a forum for people who are obsessed with and have a morbid interest in such crimes to discuss their fears and struggles. In essence, the podcast is therapeutic and has been described as a mental health support group. The podcast has drawn hundreds of thousands of fans (known as the Murderinos) from around the world. My Favourite Murder podcast makes a lot of money from donations, as well as the sale of memorabilia. However, much of it is donated to local police departments to help them in solving rape cases.

Her Husband and Facts about her Family

Georgia Hardstark
Hardstark and Vince Averill image source

Georgia Hardstark is a native of Orange County, California. She hails from a family of four. Her father’s name is Martin while her mother’s name is Janet Hardstark. She also has a sister named Leah. There is no doubt her family will be proud of her incredible achievements; from a lowly receptionist to a popular media personality.

Georgia Hardstark is enjoying marital bliss with husband, Vince Averill. They tied the knot in March 2016 and had dated for years before that. Their wedding ceremony was an unconventional affair as there was no bridesmaid, groomsmen or bestman. It is said that like minds often attract and this proves to be true in the case of Hardstark and her beau. Averill is a stand-up comic, as well as a podcaster. He has a podcast with fellow comic, Matt McCarthy. The podcast is known as We Watch Wrestling and focuses on WWE. Hardstark and her husband do not have any kids (yet) but they do have three beloved cats. Their names are Elvis, Mimi, and Dottie.

Net Worth

Hardstark’s net worth is still under review and not yet available. However, there is no doubt that she must be pulling in a good sum from the many ventures she has been involved in. She is equally involved in various charitable causes and has contributed much of her earnings by giving back to society.

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