Georgina Chapman’s Time With Harvey Weinstein, Her Net Worth and Love Life Since

Georgina Chapman is a British model, fashion designer, and actress. She is vastly celebrated as the co-owner of ladies’ designer clothing line, Marchesa, and is also famous for her ongoing role in the reality TV show, Project Runway: All-Stars.

Chapman attained another level of fame in 2007 when she became the wife of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, however, their eventual separation and ultimate divorce which was as a result of her husband’s sexual misconduct exposed her to negative publicity with fans’ curiosity bursting to zenith level.

Georgina Chapman Was Born Into Affluence

Georgina Chapman was born on April 14, 1976; the records captured her place of birth as London, England. The actress’ father Brian Chapman is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and a co-owner of the coffee company Percol. Her mum Caroline Wonfor, on the other hand, earns a living working as a journalist.

The young star spent a better part of her growing up years in Richmond southwest London and was a student of Marlborough College in Wiltshire. Although she was born to wealthy parents, Georgina Chapman has been working really hard to make her financial status worth talking about.

She Worked As A Model Before Establishing Marchesa

Georgina started making a difference to her bank account in her 20’s when she modelled in the commercials for Head & Shoulders, a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo. In 2001, after she graduated from the Wimbledon School of Art, Chapman established herself in costume designing, making appearances at various TV shows and films.

Prior to this, she had already met Keren Craig, a fellow model (who will later become her partner in creating a clothing brand) at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Three years later, Chapman and Craig set up the clothing line. They named it Marchesa, after late Italian arts legend, Luisa Marchesa Casati. She created the Marchesa bridal show which she always shares on Instagram.

The brand received massive patronage from celebrities, especially with the influence of Harvey Weinstein, Georgina’s then-husband. It was rumoured that Weinstein coerced actresses into patronizing Marchesa costumes, particularly when appearing on the red carpet. The brand did so well that it made it to CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund’s 2006 top 10 list. Well, whichever way the Marchesa success came about, the significant thing is that it made a whole lot of difference to Georgina Chapman’s account balance.

Marchesa Took A Hard Blow After Her Husbands Sex Scandals Came To Light

Marchesa remained one of the reigning brands on the red carpet until Harvey Weinstein’s sex scandal broke out. The high-end brand that was frequently worn by A-list celebs such as Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett, Renée Zellweger, Anne Hathaway, among others, was completely shunned. Many had accused Chapman of being aware that her husband was using his influence to pressure celebs into putting on her brand. But Chapman denied the claims saying she never had any clue of the kind of life her “wonderful hubby” was living, and that she was “extremely naive”.

Anyway, there were some sympathizers who believed that Georgina Chapman should not be punished for her partner’s mistakes. Among them was Scarlett Johansson who boldly wore Marchesa to 2018 Met Gala, a few months after the scandal broke out. Moreover, not all Marchesa customers were fully aware of Weinstein and Chapman’s marriage. As such, they refused to put the connection into consideration as regards their patronage of the brand. So, Chapman continues to sell after all.

Though Marchesa Suffered A Downsurge, It Is Well On The Way To Recovery

As at the time the scandal was still fresh, it was unclear how Georgina Chapman’s separation from her husband of 10 years might impact her business interests in Marchesa. However, the aggrieved businesswoman locked down the business for a while as many of the women affected by the scandal were celebrities who patronize her brand, she even refused to show her face in public for the ensuing five months.

According to reports, the business may soon be standing on shaky legs as she is gradually losing partnerships and collaborations with known brands like Helzberg Diamonds.

Georgina Chapman eventually lost her partner and co-founder, Craig who left the brand in the midst of the scandal. However, she is presently working painstakingly at rebuilding the company and is making headway, even some celebs who boycotted her label are gradually returning, claiming that Chapman shouldn’t be punished for her ex-husband’s sins

How Georgina Chapman Is Gradually Rebuilding Her Fortune

As of 2018, Georgina Chapman was worth about $20 million, however, Celebrity Net Worth recently pegged it at $30 million, showing a 10 million increase within a short while. Alongside fashion designing, Chapman’s wealth also came from the roles she has played in movies and television shows.

Some of her film credits which were real money-spinners include Weinstein’s 2005 film, Derailed and The Nanny Diaries (2007). The fashion designer has also earned a good income from working as a judge on Project Runway: All-Stars, a designer’s reality competition organized by the Weinstein Company. She has equally been serving on The Council of Fashion Designers of America board.

Compared To her Husband’s Wealth, Georgina Chapman’s Is A Drop In The Ocean

We can clap for Georgina Chapman for accumulating such massive wealth as her net worth, but compared to her husband who is worth a whopping $300 million, it is just a scratch on the surface. As a couple, they sold off one of their Connecticut homes for $1.6 million and are still left with another two oceanfront houses in Connecticut – each worth over $7 million. Their compound in the state was the venue where the lavish $38,500-per-person Barack Obama fundraiser was hosted in 2012.

Another of their lavish homes – a 9,000-square-foot waterfront mansion located in the Hamptons also went on the market for the asking price of $12.4 million. the family has their main home in New York City’s West Village purchased in 2007 for $15 million.

With their divorce, one begins to wonder how these assets are going to be divided. Reports have it that Georgina Chapman and her ex signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding. However, the terms of their separation and divorce were not fully made public.

A family law specialist told E! that it is anticipated that at least the vast majority of the financial side will be handled behind closed doors with the business managers. Reportedly Harvey paid Georgina $20 million in the divorce settlement but more details of the prenups are available here.

Inside Georgina Chapman’s Marriage To Harvey Weinstein

Georgina Chapman
Georgina Chapman with Harvey Weinstein: image source

Harvey Weinstein, a renowned Hollywood filmmaker, was Georgina Chapman’s husband for up to ten years. Weinstein had just divorced his wife, Eve Chilton whom he married in 1987 before meeting Georgina Chapman in 2004. Georgina and Harvey subsequently tied the knot on the 15th of December 2007 after dating for about three years. Harvey Weinstein co-founded Miramax, a very successful entertainment firm with his brother, Bob Weinstein. Some of his movies include Gangs of New York, My Week with Marilyn, The Burning, Nine, Restoration, and Shakespeare in Love.

During their time together, the couple was living the lavish life, shuttling between their homes in New York’s West Village (a Bank Street townhouse) and the one in Westport, Connecticut, where they exchanged marriage vows, and London.

Their union was just in its 10th year when it came to an abrupt halt late in 2017 after over 90 women came forth with horrific allegations of sexual assaults and harassment against Weinstein.

Chapman’s 10-year union with Weinstein produced two children – a girl and a boy. Her daughter, India Pearl was born on August 30, 2010, while her son, Dashiell Max Robert arrived on 11th April 2013.

The Couple’s Eventual Divorce And The Effect On Their Children

Following the initial sexual allegation, Weinstein said that he had his wife’s unflinching support, however, Georgina Chapman didn’t take long before coming up with the announcement that she was opting for a separation; she made this announcement on the 10th of October 2017 after more women came up with further stories of rape and sexual assault.

According to the designer, it breaks her heart to think of all the women that have suffered at the hands of her husband. She requested that the media respect her privacy at this point in her life as taking care of her kids has become her priority.

On his own part, Harvey Weinstein responded to his wife’s request for separation by saying that he supports her decision. He went on to reveal how he is trying to get back into shape by going for counselling and perhaps things might take a better turn when he gets better and they might even have a chance of rebuilding. Harvey said that his family has suffered so much pain which he takes full responsibility for.

The couple’s separation and eventual divorce which was finalized the next year in January 2018 was a shock to the kids who according to their mum love their dad so much. Georgina herself was extremely heartbroken over the sad end of her relationship with Weinstein whom she described as a charming, very charismatic, and charitable personality. According to her, the man was wonderful as a husband and was very supportive and well learned.

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Georgina Chapman Swore Never To date Post Divorce

After spending a couple of painful years following her ex-husband’s sex scandal, Georgina Chapman has openly sworn never to date post-divorce. According to the co-founder of Marchesa, she is not looking to fall in love again; she would rather focus all her attention on taking care of her kids who are still too young to grasp what really transpired.

She even shunned public appearances for a while, but when she eventually surfaced, it was at the 2019 Met Gala with actress Constance Wu walking the red carpet in a Marchesa gown. There is no man in her life for now.

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