Oscar Pistorius’ Grandmother Dies At 92

Grandmother of convicted Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, Gerti Pistorius, passed on over the weekend. South Africa got the news from a tweet from Pistorius younger sister, Aimee.

Gerti died on Sunday afternoon at about 13.00 (South African Time). Aimee had put up a post on Twitter a while ago on September 3, with a goodwill message for Gerti who was celebrating her 92nd birthday.

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Gerti is said to be survived by a 99-year old husband, Hendrik, 7 children and grandchildren.

It was reported that during Pistorius trial, that Hendrik and Gerti – Pistorius grandparents – did not go to the court house. They stayed home with Carl, Pistorius’ brother to watch the televised version.


After his sentence to years in prison for the death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, Gerti Pistorius did not compromise on her care and support for her grandson in that hard time.

Gerti made the best of her opportunities to visit her grandson in jail. She would visit him at Kgosi Mampuru prison, which is about 2 miles from her home in the South African capital Pretoria.


The wealthy and entrepreneurial Pistorius family is rather a close-knit one. Despite the gravity of his crime, Gerti did not treat him any differently than she always did.

“We pray for Oscar, we love Oscar, and we are very, very proud of Oscar. He is the same wonderful boy he always has been.”

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It will definitely be heartbreaking for Pistorius as the family breaks the news of her death to him on any of the family visits from now on. Aimee is the family member in charge of coordinating the 45 minute visits Oscar gets every week.


Hendrik Pistorius often gave Gerti a treat by personally flying her and the children to choice destination for vacation.