GES Dress Code

GES Dress Code– Ghana Education Service has banned the wearing of trousers by female teachers.

The new dress code stipulates that it is no longer acceptable for female teachers to come to work on tight jean trousers, miniskirts and sleeveless dresses. GES also called them to minimize extreme cosmetic treatments and pedicure.

Male teachers were not left out in the dress code warning.                                            .

The memo also included that schools will no longer permit female teachers to wear “too much make-ups and multicoloured hair dos”.

According to the memo, they can only wear trousers during sporting activities; suits are however allowed.

The new GES Dress Code was confirmed last week in a memo circulated in the Hohoe Municipality of the Volta Region.

For the male teachers, GES says they would no longer be permitted to wear casual outfits to work.

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As stated in the memo:

  • No lady is allowed to put on pairs of trousers to work except during sport activities; they can however put on suits
  • Miniskirts and sleeveless dresses should be avoided
  • Too much make up and multi-colored hairdos must also be avoided.
  • Cosmetic treatment (pedicure)etc must be minimized

For the men, the new GES Dress Code memo read thus:

  • Avoid putting on jean trousers and round neck T-shirts. The acceptable T-Shirt is a Lacoste with breast pocket.
  • Hanging of earphone as well as loose dressing(Oto Phister) during contact hours is unacceptable.

The GES dress code memo clearly stated that “improper dressing will not be tolerated in our schools and offices”.

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Ghana is not the only country that has taken this measure to uphold an appropriate dress sense in work places.

Under its Article 152 of the 1991 Penal Code, Sudan has gone as far as arresting women wearing trousers.

In 2013, France lifted a 200-year old trouser ban for women. The law was made in November 17, 1800.

Malawi lifted a 1965 ban on women wearing trousers in 1994.

In February 2016, the British Airways also lifted its ban on female cabin crew from wearing trousers.

Last year the Nigerian Port Authorities also modified their dress code. The agency placed a ban on the wearing of trousers, mini skirts, tight, tattered and revealing clothes for people working at the airports.

The new NPA dress code says the  agency recommends simple decent and formal English wears.

In 2013, Turkey lifted its ban on women lawmakers wearing trousers in the assembly.

United States Senate in 1993, lifted the ban on women wearing trousers on the floor .