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Crispy Heaton is the father of Charlie Heaton, an English actor and musician known for his role as Jonathan Byers in the popular Netflix TV show “Stranger Things.” While Crispy got the attention of the world due to his son, he has been a well-known performer in the United Kingdom for several years now. He was born on the 9th of January 1967 and so is 57 years old.

Crispy Heaton’s son’s career choice was greatly influenced by his father, as Crispy has been a part of the British music scene for many decades, playing with several bands, including The Denims, The Bassknives, and The Vapors. Despite his own success, Crispy remains humble and supportive of his son’s career, regularly attending and promoting Charlie’s events.

Summary of Crispy Heaton’s Biography

  • Full name: Crispy Heaton
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 9th January 1967
  • Crispy Heaton’s Age: 57 years old
  • Nationality: British
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Crispy Heaton’s Ex-wife: Shelley Lowe
  • Crispy Heaton’s Children: Kaaleigh, Charlie, and Levi
  • Crispy Heaton’s Height In Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Crispy Heaton’s Height in Centimetres: 175 cm
  • Crispy Heaton’s Weight in Kilogram: 60kg
  • Crispy Heaton’s Net Worth: Around $200k
  • Famous For: Being Charlie Heaton’s father

Crispy Heaton was Born in The United Kingdom in 1967

Crispy Heaton was born on the 9th day of January 1967, which makes him a 57 year old man. It is believed that he was born in Leeds, United Kingdom. Heaton is known to have at least one sibling, a brother, but there is more about him that is not publicly known. It is unclear if Crispy got any form of formal education, as he has chosen not to dwell on this.

Crispy lived most of his life in Leeds before he relocated to London, where he currently lives. Moving to the big city did not change much about him, and a fun fact about Crispy Heaton is that he is an ardent supporter of his local football club, Leeds United F.C.
Crispy Heaton is mostly known for being the father of Stranger Things actor Charlie Heaton. Despite this, he leads a very private life.

Charlie Heaton’s Parents Went Their Separate Ways In 1996

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Crispy Heaton is no longer with the mother of his children. From the little information available about him, it was gathered that he met Shelly Lowe when he was a young adult. The duo soon began a romantic relationship which must have led to them walking down the aisle, even though there is no actual confirmation of when and where the wedding took place.

Crispy and Shelley were together for more than a decade, even though the exact number of years is not known because Crispy is not the type of person to put out such information. Even though he had gained his own share of fame in the UK music scene, his personal life has always remained relatively private.

After welcoming three children together, they called it quits in 1996, which led to Crispy moving out of the house and also the city of Leeds. He relocated to London.
Despite their split, Crispy and Shelley Lowe have remained amicable for the sake of their children. Charlie has credited his parents with providing a supportive and loving environment for him and his siblings.

In several interviews, Charlie has expressed admiration for both of his parents and their respective careers, suggesting that they have always been a source of inspiration and encouragement for him. Regardless of his relationship status, Crispy’s impact on his family and on the British music scene is undeniable, making him one of the country’s most beloved artists.

Crispy Heaton’s Children Were Raised By Their Mother, But He Maintained Contact

Charlie Heaton and his sisters mostly spent his formative years with his mother after the breakdown of their parent’s relationship. But this did not hamper their relationship with their father in any way. When Crispy relocated to London, he still found ways to maintain contact with his children, and they would go back and forth between London and Leeds to see each other.

Shelley Lowe raised her kids in publicly funded housing, and even though they never really lacked any material thing, they were aware that things weren’t rosy, and this made the kids pick up more responsibilities to ease their mother’s burden. Despite all this, Charlie has credited his parents with being very supportive of his career as an actor and making sure that he fulfilled his goals.

Who are Crispy Heaton’s Children?

Crispy Heaton has three children, and they are Kaaleigh, Charlie, and Levi. The Heaton kids are all artistic people who work in entertainment. Asides from Charlie, Heaton’s 2 other children are girls, and they have thriving careers like their brother.

Kaaleigh Heaton is believed to be the first child, and she was born on the 8th of July, 1985. She lives and works in London as a model and a beauty expert. It is believed that she also enjoys working in other artistic endeavors like music, choreography, and acting but is yet to experience a lot of success in either of these things.

Crispy Heaton’s second daughter is Levi Heaton. Levi’s exact date of birth is unknown, but it is believed that she was born on the 25th of September, as this is when she celebrates her birthday each year. Just like her siblings, she works in entertainment as she sings and acts. She has worked on the following TV shows Casualty, Meet the Richardsons, McMafia, and Vera. The Legend of Red Hand, His Wake, and The Limehouse Golem are some of the films she has had appearances in. For her musical career, Levi provides backing vocals for the band Self Esteem.

What Does Charlie Heaton’s Father Do For a Living?

Charlie’s father is believed to be a professional musician, but there is not a lot of information available on his music to say conclusively what he does. Charlie has actually spoken about his father’s career in a few interviews, and he seems to be very proud of him. In one interview, he spoke about his father being a musician for as long as he could remember.

Crispy Heaton’s Love For Music Inspired His Son To Pursue Music

From what Charlie has said about his father during interviews, he is a big music enthusiast who made his children fall in love with music. Charlie has also shared that his father is a fan of the Beatles, and he was the one that introduced the band to him when he was still a child. It was Crispy who bought his son his first drum kit while he was a teenager fully indoctrinating him into music.

Charlie was then inspired to tow the music line and began to play in a band at age 14. By the time he turned 16, he moved out to London to join his father and concentrate on his budding musical career.

As Charlie was doing music, his breakthrough was slow in coming, which was why he augmented his income by picking up acting gigs, which was how he ended up being on the show that threw him into the limelight – Stranger Things. Indeed Charlie does owe a significant amount of his success to his father.

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