Get to Know Gloria Darlene Fox: Megan Fox’s Mom

Gloria Darlene Fox is the mother of Megan Fox, an American actress and model. Megan Fox’s mom is an American Real Estate manager born on 14 July 1952.

The 71 years old helped nurture her daughter’s dream and desire to be one of the A-List actors in Hollywood. She put her career on hold to move to a different state so her daughter could move closer to realizing her dream of becoming an actor, just like those that she admired and adored at the time.

Gloria Darlene Fox’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Gloria Darlene Fox (nee Cisson)
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 14 July 1952
  • Gloria Darlene Fox’s Age: 71 years
  • Education: Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville
  • Ethnicity: American-Irish
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Pentecostal Christian
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Gloria Darlene Fox’s Husband (Wife): Tony Tonachio
  • Gloria Darlene Fox’s Children: Kristi and Megan Fox
  • Famous for: being Megan Fox’s mother

Gloria Darlene Grew Up in Oakville, Tennessee

Gloria Darlene Cisson was born on 14 July 1952 in Oakville, Tennessee. She spent all of her childhood in this town and had her early education there. In fact, it was in the same town where she met, fell in love, and eventually married her first husband, Franklin Thomas Fox. She has not disclosed details of her childhood, parents or siblings ever to the public.

Gloria Darlene Works as a Real Estate Manager

Gloria Darlene Fox was reported to have graduated from Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee, in the United States of America, but the discipline that she specialized in was not specified. However, her work history has it that she has worked in the Real Estate sector all her life.

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Her earliest job on record was at a real estate establishment called Marco Shores Estates – where she worked briefly between May 2008 and Mar 2009. Shortly after this, she joined a company known as Imperial Bonita Estates, where she put in 6 years of work till sometime around 2015.

She joined another company known as Riverside Club Condominium Associated in 2015, and she rose through the ranks till she was promoted to the position of General Manager. She was with the company till very late in 2016.

She was known to have also worked with another real estate company called eXP Reality till sometime around 2019 to 2020. It is not currently clear if she is still with this company, if she has started her own real estate agency and is currently working for herself, or if she has indeed retired from the profession altogether.

Megan Fox’s Mom Enjoys a Close Relationship With Her Daughter, Megan

The marital union between Gloria and Franklin Thomas Frank produced two very beautiful daughters – Kristi and Megan Fox, and at the time of the divorce of the couple, Gloria Darlene Fox got custody of both daughters. So it is safe to say that she would definitely have a very good rapport and be close to her daughters.

When Gloria Darlene Fox married Tony Tonachio, and the new family moved to Port St Lucie, Florida, even though it was stated by Megan Fox that her mother did not think she would make it as an actor, she still encouraged her by enrolling her in acting classes as a teenager, which was a great sacrifice on her mother’s part.

As Megan’s love for acting began to dominate her life more, she was able to convince her mother to move to Los Angeles with her – a place where she believed would she would get more opportunities to become the star that she so much craved to be when she turned 15. Her mother abandoned all she was doing and followed her daughter to Los Angeles to help her achieve her dreams.

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Gloria only returned back to her base three years later when she was sure he daughter had come of age and could handle herself in the real world. So this suggested that they had a very close bond while Megan was growing up.

Gloria has always been very close to her daughter Megan, as they still attend events together. Pictures of both mother and daughter keep surfacing on the internet once in a while, especially with her grandchildren. So, the bond between mother and daughter still seems very strong to date.

Megan Did Not Have A Good Relationship With Her Step-Father Though

Megan stated in an interview with an online publication, VoxBliss, in 2021 that she did not really get along well with her mother, Gloria Darlene Fox’s new husband – Tony Tonachio. Tony, Megan’s stepfather, was a very strict Roman Catholic Christian who set very strict rules for Megan and her sister, Kristi, to follow while living under his roof.

She was not allowed to bring her male friends to the house and was never allowed to have a boyfriend or go out to parties like other teenagers her mate did, so she became rebellious and would gladly do exactly what her parents told her not to. She had a boyfriend way back then, who she would secretly run out of the home to visit, against her strict father’s rules.

Why Did Gloria Fox Divorce Her First Husband?

The exact reason or reasons why Gloria Darlene Fox divorced her first husband, Franklin Thomas Fox, is not known, as she has not disclosed it to the public. Much of what is out there in public about the possible reason(s) for their divorce is either mere rumours or simply projections and/or postulations about what transpired behind the closed doors of their home.

Perhaps the closest pointer to what could have been responsible for Gloria Darlene Fox and Franklin Thomas Fox’s divorce was provided by their daughter, Megan, in an interview she granted to a news publication sometime in the mid-2010s – where she stated that they did not have much in terms of financial resources while they were growing up.

Going by the fact that Franklin Thomas Fox was a Parole Officer all through his work life, their lean financial resources and status could have possibly been one of the possible reasons why they got divorced.

Other possible reasons could have been that the ex-couple had irreconcilable differences, or one of the couples was unfaithful to the other while they were married – which by the way, was for about 18 years. However, since there is no categorical statement from the couple on the reasons for their divorce, one may choose to infer or postulate what the reasons were at the time.

How Many Children Does Gloria Darlene Fox Have?

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Gloria Darlene Fox had two daughters from her marriage to Franklin Thomas Fox – Kristi and Megan Fox, and it is not clear if she had any children from her marriage to Tony Tonachio, as both partners already had children from their previous marriages.

It could also have been possible that she did have children from her marriage to Tony Tonachio, but her husband being the strict disciplinarian that he was, could have decided to take his children out of public glare and scrutiny for their own good and protection.

Did Gloria Darlene Fox’s Children Take After Her Careerwise?

Gloria Darlene Fox’s daughters, unfortunately, did not take after their mother career-wise, as both of them had dreams of their own which they pursue to date. None of them is in the real estate business, though they have definitely purchased real estate of their own to date – especially Morgan Fox.

Kristi Fox chose to become a Guidance Counsellor, which is the career path she is still pursuing. On the other hand, Megan Fox chose to become an actor, and though she had to overcome some challenges earlier on, she is still very active in Hollywood to date and has featured in some movies of note and acclaim.

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