Liberia And Ghana Seal Bilateral Deals On Power, Security & Trade

Ghana and Liberia are tightening up their age-old partnership. With the recent 5-day official visit of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to Ghana, some Ghana-Liberia bilateral agreements have been made.

During her visit, both west African nations made bilateral deals on power, defense/security and trade.

President Mahama pledged support for Liberia’s power supply project.

“Ghana is ready to offer technical expertise to our Liberian counterparts.”

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The President  assured Liberia of help in improving their power sector. He promised this assistance under the services of Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDco).

GRIDco will help Liberia in terms of power distribution as well as in the training of personnel in both thermal and hydro electricity. The company will also assist in several other technical logistics involved in power supply.

President Mahama recalled a similar help rendered to Liberia in 2006. Back then the Ghanaian government through the partnership of Volta River Authority(VRA), the European Commission and United States of America, worked to improve Liberia’s power supply.

“The three partners, Ghana, US, EC have stood with Liberia, even in the thick and thin; during the difficult times of the conflict. And in our reconstruction today they are the key partners to help us start our economic construction.” Mrs Sirleaf-Johnson (2006)

The 2006 venture was expected to restore electricity in Liberia after the 15-year long civil war.

Ghana is counting on VRA, GRIDco and other privately owned power generating companies in the quest to improve Liberia’s power supply.

Aside the power generation and distribution agreement, the recent Ghana-Liberia bilateral agreements also stressed on trade and defense/security.

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On that note, President Mahama also announced that Ghana Armed Forces(GAF) will be conducting training for Liberia security personnel.

Under the defense agreement, the training programme will grant some Liberian soldiers access to the 37 Military Hospital in Accra, Ghana. Mahama and Sirleaf equally agreed to a mutual security and intelligence co-operation in the fight against terrorism.

The Ghana-Liberia bilateral agreements also included the plan to work together to combat illegal fishing on their coasts.