Ghana National Fire Service Salary and Service Ranks

The Ghana National Fire Service salary is never static. In 2010, the Single Spine Salary Structure was introduced and implemented. This is the structure that defines the pay of each personnel. They are also paid according to their ranks in service. In this article, we will be considering the Ghana national fire service salary and the different service ranks.

What Is Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) Average Salary?

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) personnel are placed on the single spine salary structure as stated above, with a minimum salary of GHC700 monthly. But the actual salary an officer in the service receives is solely based on their particular rank. The higher your rank, the bigger your responsibility, and the higher your pay.

However, the main salary structure of the GNFS for every rank has not yet been disclosed to the public but it’s believed that the GNFS is on the same salary structure as the Ghana Police Service.

Regarding the rank structure and the rewards attached to it, a graduate recruit earns more than an officer with SSCE or WASSCE. But on average, officers working with the GNFS earn salaries ranging from GHS 1,330 (lowest) to GHS 4,590 (highest) on a monthly basis. This is an estimate for the year 2022 and it’s subject to change.

Other Incentives and Allowances For GNFS Officers

Aside from their monthly salaries, GNFS officers are also entitled to some other allowances and incentives which are also based on their rank. The highest-ranking officer takes home the highest allowances. Some of the allowances and incentives offered to them by the Ghanaian government that has been disclosed publicly include;

  • Benefit from Government housing scheme
  • Sponsored training
  • Work-leave allowance, and lots more

Expenses such as housing, transportation, and other welfare packages are included in the GNFS officer’s salary per month.

Rank Structure of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS)

Just as you know that every organization or establishment has its rank structure, the same applies to GNFS. Each rank has different roles they play, from the highest to the lowest, and with these different ranks come different salary packages. The highest rank in the GNFS for senior officers is the Chief Fire Officer (CFO), while the lowest rank for junior officers is the Recruit Fireman (FM) or Firewoman (FW). Other various ranks in between are listed below;

Senior Officers Rank

  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer
  • Assistant Chief Fire Officer
  • Divisional Officer Grade One
  • Divisional Officer Grade Two
  • Divisional Officer Grade Three
  • Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One
  • Assistant Divisional Officer Grade Two
  • Cadet Officer

Junior Officers Rank

  • Station Officer Grade One or Group Officer Grade One
  • Station Officer Grade Two or Group Officer Grade Two
  • Assistant Station Officer or Deputy Group Officer
  • Subordinate Officer
  • Leading Fireman (LFM) or Leading Firewoman (LFM)
  • Senior Fireman (SFM) or Senior Firewoman (SFW)
  • Fireman (FM) or Firewoman (FW)
  • Recruit Fireman (RFM) or Recruit Firewoman (RFW)

Departments in Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS)

The GNFS is an organization with various departments, synchronizing together to keep the establishment up and running. These departments are manned by officers in various ranks and they are listed below;

  • Operations Department
  • Finance and Administration Department
  • Human Resource/Training Department
  • Logistics Department
  • Fire Safety Department
  • Research and Development Department
  • Rural Fires Department
  • Technical Services Department
  • Commanding Officer (National Headquarters)
  • Internal Audits (National Headquarters)

Qualification For Entrance Into The Ghana Fire Service

It’s a noble thing if you’re seeking to join the numerous citizens who’re saving lives and properties from the ravaging fires in Ghana. To be enlisted for the opportunity, here are the basic qualifications you’ll need;

  • You must be a citizen of Ghana by birth
  • You must have no criminal record and be of good character
  • Must be between 18 years and 30 years of age, if applying for Officer Corp applicants and for Non-Tradesman applicants. But for Driver/Mechanics applicants, you must not be more than 35 years of age
  • A minimum height of 1.73m (5ft 8in) for males and 1.63m (5ft 4in) for females is required
  • Physical and mental fitness is required, going by the GNFS standard
  • A minimum of four passes in WASSCE/SSCE is required. A pass in English Language or Mathematics may be a plus, but not required

The lowest rank in the GNFS is the cadet officer. They are the WASSCE or Senior School Certificate holders. With little or no experience, you can apply for this position. This implies that ranking position is determined by certificate, experience, and qualifications. Those with higher qualifications are sure to get a higher rank than others with a lower qualification.

However, before an officer can move from one rank to another, he needs to undergo training and write a promotional exam afterward. The exam is to improve the academic standard and efficiency of the officer for better performance. The Human resource department is the major department saddled with this responsibility. So, if you sign up to become a part of them, you must subscribe to continuous learning.

Ghana National Fire Service Salary

General Functions of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS)

The GNFS is an organization under the supervision of the Ghana Ministry of Interior. The establishment came into existence some two decades ago, with the sole responsibility of preventing and managing unforeseen fire outbreaks in Ghana. Other functions/duties performed by the organization include;

  • They respond to help from the machine industries, bomb threats, company accidents, emergencies and attend to fire alarms
  • They educate and enlighten the public about fire prevention
  • They coordinate and properly evaluate fire drills
  • They are firefighters that control and get rid of fire using manual, power machines, and even chemicals
  • As professionals in the field, they recommend special equipment to entrepreneurs, when establishing their industry
  • It is their duty to prevent or monitor the use of chemicals that are capable of causing fire outbreaks

Working in the Ghana National Fire Service is a service to humanity. That is why they are one of the highest-paid workers under the Ghana government. For more information, you can visit their official website to learn more, and how to apply for any open position.


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