Ghana National Service (NSS) Portal – How To Login to Dashboard and Do Your Registration

The Ghana National service Scheme is an indigenous youth program that has been made mandatory for every Ghanaian graduate both home and abroad. To complete registration for the NSS all graduating students must visit the GNS website to complete their online registration by providing all required information, submit, and wait for posting which will be publicly announced. Here’s how to complete your registration on the NSS portal.

Ghana National Service Scheme Enrollment

All graduates who have finished their tertiary education are required by the law to register for NSS. Before going to enroll, the intending enrollees must have attained 18 years and above. Below is the easy-to-follow procedure.

Get your National Service Scheme Enrollment PIN code.

Activating your PIN code means paying a token for it and this can be easily done via the MTN Mobile Money. The steps are as follows

  • Dial *170#
  • Select “Pay Bill”
  • Select “General Payments”
  • Enter the payment code; this means your PIN code (this is how it is done – type NSS click space – enter your PIN code)
  • Enter the specified deposit amount which is GH ₵ 41.00
  • Enter NSS Reference
  • For payment confirmation, punch in your PIN
  • Wait to receive your confirmation message

Retrieval of NSS PIN code via the NSS Portal

After payment has been effected, check the PIN code using the following steps;

1. Visit the NSS portal @
2. Click on the menu on the dashboard entitled “Check & Pay For PIN CODE”
3. Key in your Index No. or even your School ID No.
4. Click on the “Search” button
5. Your personal data and PIN CODE will be displayed on the screen. Your PIN CODE should be written down for future reference.

Ghana National Service (NSS) Portal - How To Login to Dashboard and Do Your Registration

Pay Your National Service Scheme Registration Fee

For you to effect payment for your National Service Scheme registration, you should go to the nearest Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) and deposit the sum of GHS 40. Another option is leveraging the MTN Money services to pay GHS 41. You can then proceed with your online registration after payment has been made.

Start Your GNS Scheme Registration Proper

With your pin acquired and payment effected, intending enrollees can now proceed to the NSS portal to populate all the necessary fields with accurate info; from there you navigate to the next section. The steps are outlined below;

1. Visit the website
2. Click the button “Online Registration – Enrolment”
3. Key in your School Index No. or ID No. plus password (payment PIN code)
4. To access the application form, click the green icon “Access Registration Form”

The Application Form For Ghana National Service Scheme

Cross-check your personal info once the form is displayed on your screen. If there are errors, the support team should be contacted via live chat. If the details are all correct, you should;

1. Select your type of identification (Voters Card, Driver’s License, Passport, or SSNIT Card)
2. Click on submit
3. Enter the ID No.

Identity Match Score

This is the stage where the Ghana National Service Scheme will search your personal data to check if it matches with what your school has in their database. Expect an identity match score upon confirmation and it comes thus;

1. Perfect- Meaning your ID data is perfect
2. Good- Your ID data is good enough
3. Fair- Your ID data calls for further investigation
4. Bad- Your ID data calls for further investigation

Intending enrollees with either the “Fair” or “Bad” Identity Matching score will not receive posting until NSS has done some follow-up on their information. Your Identity Match Score notwithstanding, click the option that reads “Confirm and Continue”, and navigate to the next page.

Second page

On the form’s second page, intending enrollees are expected to provide their contact info and photo that will enable NSS to communicate with them. The steps are as follows

  • Upload your passport photo (must not exceed 1MB)
  • Active and current address
  • Active and current contact number
  • Contact info for your next of kin

Service Information Page

On this page, prospective candidates are required to provide information on their employment history and at the end, you click the “Save and Continue” button

Preference Page

This is the page where the details you provided will determine which posting will be appropriate for your profile. For this reason, you must provide accurate data.

  • Select your three preferred regions for posting
  • Selection begins with the most preferred to the least preferred region
  • Select the local languages where you have fluency in speaking, writing, as well as reading
  • Select the foreign languages you are fluent in – speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Select your “Industry of Preference”; this is where you hope to be posted

Preview Page

The preview page is the page that allows you to see all your filled information at a glance to crosscheck and confirm that everything is in order. If the need to change anything arises, simply hit on the “Back” button to access the previous page until you get to the exact spot that needs alteration. In the end, click on the “SUBMIT” icon.

Ghana National Service (NSS) Portal - How To Login to Dashboard and Do Your Registration

Final Stage: Congratulations

Upon the submission of your Ghana Nationals Service scheme registration form, NSS will welcome you with a congratulatory Message; this will be displayed on your screen alongside your NSS NO.

Now, enrollees will be permitted to access their NSS icon; this can be found at the top-right corner with the title “Sign In as Personnel.”

Sign in via the personnel icon to view your posting details. NSS usually announces its postings publicly and that is when enrollees will know exactly where they are heading. With your NSS credentials, the following steps will give you the needed info.

• Google the website @
• Log in with your registered email and PIN CODE
• Navigate to the green icon at the top and click on “Sign In”
• The right option to select is “Sign In As Personnel”
• Click on the “Print” button to print your summary

Support Services of the Ghana National Service Scheme

NSS has a team of capable support services personnel who are always on hand to assist enrollees who encountered problems during the course of registration. Affected candidates are advised to leverage the live chat which can be accessed from the bottom of the screen

National Service Scheme Certificate

Upon the completion of their service year, outgoing individuals are expected to get to the icon on the bottom right of the page to request their certificates. But then, some requirements need to be met beforehand, they include;

• Completed service year
• Annual assessment form accurately filed
• Assessment form should be dropped at the recommended District Offices
• Provide your NSS No.
• Provide your identification
• Provide all required personal information
• Make delivery payments.

Things That Can Be Done on the NSS Dashboard

• Printing of NSS Monthly Evaluation Form
• Checking NSS Posting
• Updating registration form
• Replacement of lost ID
• Request for your NSS certificate
• Print your NSS posting letter
• Request changes in both name and other details
• Regional Registration Verification Appointment.
• View your Online Registration Form
• Place Order for some Items (NSS Life Starter Deals)

List of the Documents Required for Ghana National Service Scheme Registration

  • Candidates must have a valid Id (The recommended ones are the National id, Drivers, license, voters card, or SSNIT Card.
  • Also, a passport photogram not exceeding 1MB should be scanned and uploaded.
  • Before going to enroll, the intending enrollees must have attained 18 years and above.
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