This Is Why Ghana Police Service Is One Of The Best In Africa

Ghana Police Service has been listed as one of the best in Africa as World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) recently released its ranking for the performance of police for the year 2017.

All over the world, the police service is established for the maintenance of law and order in the society. They ensure that lives and properties are safeguarded, hence, in an event where these core aims are defeated, then that police service has become inefficient.

While there is no perfect institution, the frequency of failings invariably determines the level of moral rot in an environment. To be named as one of Africa’s best police services, Ghana must have displayed a level of excellence worth commending.

Earlier in October, the Inspector General Police, David Asante-Apeatu, says Ghana Police Service is taking conscious and practical steps to become the best in Africa within 4 years.

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According to their website also, Ghana Police Service intends to be one of the best in the world.

“The Ghana Police Service seeks to become a world class Police Service capable of delivering planned, democratic, protective, and peaceful services up to the standards of international best practice.”

And as clearly listed there, their key functions include:

  • Prevention and detection of crime,
  • Apprehension and prosecution of offenders,
  • Maintenance of law and order,
  • Protection of life and property.

Ghana Police Service has a well-structured organogram which makes their work, duties and services easy to carry out. If there is lack of clarity in the division of labour, then the workflow will be faulty and chaotic.

The West African Country has set an example for the rest of the continent with their organisational structure. At the supreme helm of affairs of Ghana Police Service is the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP). Following him is the Deputy Inspector-General of Police as assisted by the Director-General of the Police Administration.

The Deputy IGP and the DG are tasked with the supervision of activities of the regional commanders of police. There is a Regional Commander for every regional police division who is in charge of all operational and administrative duties.

Ghana Police Service

These Regional Commanders carry out their operational responsibilities in tandem with the Regional Operational Commander; while for administrative functions, they are assisted by their Deputies and the Regional Crime Officers.

Ghana Police service has employed over 30, 000 police officer across the 651 stations in the country.

Altogether there are 12 divisions in Ghana; of which 10 covers all regions of the country; 1 assigned to the Seaport in Tema and 1 other for the Railways, Ports and Harbours Division.

The country’s police force is also considered one of the busiest in the continent. Nevertheless, the institution has faced allegations of corrupt practices.

Ghana’s Police Service is one of the Public Sector Organisations (PSOs) under the Ministry of the Interior. To keep the interest of the officers sustained, there is need to incentivise the noble and sensitive profession.

Benefits for Police Officers 

Ghana Police Service

Courtesy of IGP, Appeatu’s administration, an insurance policy which guarantees a GH¢ 50,000 cover for officers who die in the line of duty has been introduced. In addition to that, three of the deceased officers’ children will be sponsored from nursery to tertiary education. He also says in a case of accidental or natural death, the family of the deceased officer would be entitled to GH¢ 25,000. Where an officer suffers a permanent disability, he or she would be entitled to GH¢ 25,000.

Generally, police enjoy benefits, retirement packages, and insurance coverage options that usually exceed those offered by private employers.  In some agencies, full retirement is attainable in 20 to 25 years regardless of age.  This means if you start early, you can retire in your forties and start a new career while still drawing your police pension. Many jurisdictions match employee retirement contributions, and some agencies offer tuition assistance, allowing you to further your education while maintaining full-time employment.  Still, other benefits may include generous leave time, take-home vehicles, and free access to health/fitness facilities (and paid time to use them).

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Other African Countries with Best Police Force

According to the WISPI ranking, these countries have the best police force in Africa:

  1. Botswana
  2. Rwanda
  3. Algeria
  4. Senegal
  5. Tunisia
  6. Egypt
  7. Burkina Faso
  8. Ghana
  9. South Africa
  10. Morocco

For the worst, Nigeria tops the list followed by DR Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Cameroun, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Zambia and Madagascar.

On a global rating, Singapore is the best followed by Finland, Denmark, Austria, and Germany.

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