gas explosion

On Saturday, a major gas explosion hit Ghana’s capital city which led to quite a number of casualties. The explosion was captured on video and has been shared throughout social media with a lot of hearts going out to Ghana for having to suffer such a tragedy.

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Here are five quick facts you need to know about Ghana’s recent gas explosion.

  • The explosion occurred around 7:30 pm local time.
  • It was, reportedly, caused by a tanker at a state-owned gas station.
  • In the incident which took place in Legon, a major suburb in northwest Accra which is very popular for its student population, being home to the University of Ghana (the country’s oldest and largest university), there was a secondary blast that followed at a nearby station.
  • The gas explosion which rocked Accra, Ghana left seven people dead and around 132 others injured in its aftermath.
  • Authorities responded quickly, deploying over 200 law enforcement and fire service personnel to the blast zone.

In view of the casualties, the gas explosion has started up a debate about the location of gas stations in residential areas. The debate on the topic is deemed necessary due to previous incidents of this nature. Some Ghanaian believe that the location of the gas station worsened the damage of the explosion.

gas explosion

In fact, a petition is being circulated online, signed by over 1000 people under a couple of hours, asking Ghanaian lawmakers to “set up rules and regulations for safer filling stations away from businesses, schools and residential areas.” The petition spells out that stations be situated “at least 50 meters away from residences and 100 meters from schools and hospitals.”

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Some other citizens are simply concerned about the frequency of the explosions. In May, six people lost their lives when a tanker exploded in Takoradi, in Ghana’s Western Region and in June 2015, around 150 were killed after an explosion at a gas station in Accra.

Despite the speed of their response, authorities are going to have to face up to the people on this note and consider some regulation on the issue later on.