Analyzing Gianluca Vacchi’s Earning Power, What He Spends His Money On and Who His Girlfriend Is

Gianluca Vacchi is a business mogul and social media celebrity who has stormed the streets of Instagram luxury living usually reserved for young adults. He has fascinated the world with the continuous flaunting of his wealth through social networking platforms.

Above jubilee age and still vibrant, the entrepreneur has caught more fame with his stylish dance steps, beautiful yet alarming tattoos, and his confidence with adventure. Despite his age, he has not taken romance off his sleeves. He is referred to as the Grandpa Playboy, thanks to a colourful and flamboyant lifestyle involving lots of women.

Meet Gianluca Vacchi, The Grandpa Playboy

The ‘money king’ was born on August 5, 1967, in the Italian town of Bologna, into a prominent business family. His father is the president and CEO of the Industria Machine Automatiche. (IMA). The company deals with the design and production of automatic machines used in the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products, as well as food and lots more.

Gianluca Vacchi had strong bonds with his Argentine grandmother, who taught him how to play the piano at age 7. Also, it was during this period that he caught his attraction to music and it became the foundation for his later career as a DJ.

But first, Gianluca paid his dues in the corporate business world. He attended Universita di Bologna, where he earned a degree in Economics and Business, graduating at the age of 25. He joined the family business immediately afterwards, and along with his cousin, he implemented some restructuring that turned their fortunes around.

The giant result of his business move was getting their company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. Four years after joining the company, Vacchi had become a rich man, and he decided to opt for a quieter life as a shareholder.

He went into private equity, using the proceeds from his business successes. He began buying and selling companies in different sectors, up to 13 of them. Some of them include designer watch company, ToyWatch, and the travel and tourism company, Last Minute Tour.

After two years of flipping companies, Gianluca Vacchi decided to retire, at the age of 45. He would later take up a second career as a part-time DJ and of course, a full-time playboy.

Gianluca Vacchi Found Fame on Social Media

After retirement, Gianluca Vacchi opted for a life driven by curiosity. One of the things he was curious about was understanding young people, and that inevitably led him to Instagram. He also wanted to understand social media, and it did not take long for him to finish his lesson.

An Instagram video of himself dancing to Ricky Martin’s La Mordidita with his then-girlfriend, Giorgia Gabriele, went viral. The retired entrepreneur gained millions of followers on the platform and became a cult figure, thanks to videos and pictures of himself living a luxurious lifestyle.

On his IG page, @gianlucavacchi, he can be seen jet setting around the globe, from Miami to Madrid, Italy and more. Although primarily based in Miami, he rarely spends a week in one city and lives always on the move.

This lifestyle has fueled his popularity, driving him to more than 16.8 million followers on the platform. In line with his newfound lifestyle, he took to Deejaying, performing at different clubs around the globe. As a Dj, He has released a couple of tracks, like Viento and Sigamos Bailando.

Gianluca Vacchi has also written a book, #Enjoy, and has a lifestyle ‘company,’ GVLifestyle. Also, he plans on venturing into acting and has already featured in a couple of commercials. He has previously appeared on shows like Mision exclusive and Las Campos.

A $200 Million Net Worth Drives His Luxury Lifestyle

Despite reportedly owing up to £9.5 million in debt, Gianluca’s wealth and lifestyle are powered by a total estimated wealth of $200 million. The Money King, as some call him, has not shied away from displaying the luxuries afforded to him by such wealth.

It is the primary driver of his social media personality. Some of his expenses include regular trips on private jets, ownership of a yacht, and lots of fancy cars. His automobile collection comprises high-end car brands like Roll Royce, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and others.

Additionally, Gianluca Vacchi is famous for his fashion style. The stylish Instagram star spends thousands of dollars on luxury clothing brands, from Louis Vuitton to Prada, Mulberry and more. One would be hard-pressed to find a major luxury brand the retired entrepreneur does not own, all viewable under his now-famous #gvlifestyle hashtag.

His hedonistic lifestyle and spending habit also include houses and apartments in several of the world’s biggest cities. He has a couple in Miami and Milan, where he owns a home with a red passion suite. In August 2020, he bought a Miami Beach mansion for $24.5 million. The waterfront 12,700 sq. Ft property has seven bedrooms, made out of teak, glass, and stone.

The Grandpa Playboy Is A True Representation Of The Nickname

Gianluca Vacchi is a man who has multiples of everything, and that includes his dating life. The Grandpa Playboy has had several flings and affairs. However, he has also been in a couple of significant relationships, one of which led to an engagement. His first known major relationship was an initial engagement with Melissa Sato. Unfortunately, their relationship, which looked like it would last forever, hit the rocks.

His other significant relationship was with Giorgia Gabriele, an Italian model he met for the first time in 2010. They were friends for three years. At the time, Gabriele was in a relationship with the Italian footballer, Christian Vieri.

Gianluca Vacchi
Gianluca with his ex-girlfriend, Gabriele: image source

Gianluca and Gabriele were friends until 2014 when they began dating and subsequently got married. It was during one of their many vacations that Vacchi went viral over a video of them dancing to La Mordidita.

Sadly, while she was there for the launch of Gianluca’s social media career, she would not be part of its future. They broke up in 2017, for reasons that remain undisclosed.

Gianluca Vacchi Is Having A Child With Sharon Fonseca

Gianluca Vacchi
image source

Not long after the marriage ended, Gianluca Vacchi moved on to a relationship with the Venezuelan model and journalist, Sharon Fonseca. Despite an age difference of 27 years, which drew some public criticism, the couple has remained together.

They began their relationship in 2018, after meeting on the set of one of his music videos. Two years after their relationship began, the couple is pregnant with their first child. To keep up with their jet setting life, Vacchi and Sharon have a gynaecologist in Miami and Bologna, where they frequently spend their time.

When Sharon gives birth, it would be the second child of the model. She gave birth to her first child, a girl Ginevra Mavilla, in July 2002, in Italy. 


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