Gina Darling
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The world seemingly rewards people who have excellent communication skills and Gina Darling, a fiercely ambitious woman who has never been afraid to pursue her dreams, is one of them.

The young lady is an American Youtuber, model, actress, and internet sensation who first became famous when she landed a lead role in the Roll Models reality show. She has since continued to stay relevant in the world of entertainment, owning a YouTube channel called “ExSuperVillain” where she has amassed over two hundred and seventy-five thousand subscribers and 12 million views. Perhaps she has achieved this level of success on her channel due to her admirable ability to establish strong networks and collaborations with other creators in the YouTube sphere. Read on to find out more about her career and other facts.

Who is Gina Darling?

Gina Darling was born on the 25th of July, 1989 in the city of San Jose, California. Unfortunately, not a lot is known about her parents or early upbringing as even though she is a celebrity, she has managed to keep that part of her life carefully shielded from the public’s eye. She did, however, grow up with a sister and the two have maintained a very good relationship.

Gina once posted her sister’s picture on her social media account after they both went on a trip to Disney World. She holds an American Nationality by birth but regarding her ethnicity, she is half Vietnamese and half Russian. She seems to be very proud of her mixed ethnicity and repeatedly makes reference to her roots. She is also a practicing Christian.

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Facts You Need to Know About Her Career

Although we do not have information about Gina Darling’s education, we do know that at the tender age of 15, she relocated to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is undoubtedly the city to be if you’re trying to thrive in the entertainment industry and this big move for Gina was definitely pivotal in her professional success. While in Los Angeles, she worked hard as a model and tried to break through into the industry.

On the 5th of September 2008, Gina made the bold decision to start her own YouTube channel which she called “ExSuperVillain”. On her channel, she covers a wide range of subject including video games, beauty, lifestyle, health, and general entertainment content. Her consistency with posting videos on this platform eventually paid off as her channel continued to grow in subscribers and interactions. She currently has over 270 thousand subscribers and 12 million views on the channel. It doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere soon so we look forward to seeing her YouTube channel grow even more.

On YouTube, Gina Darling’s popularity has grown partly owing to successful collaborations with other YouTube stars. Some of these popular collaborations include a video with David So, a Korean American YouTuber, actor, comedian, entrepreneur, musician, and restaurateur. He owns a comedic YouTube channel called “DavidSo Comedy.” She has also worked with Joe Jo and Bart Kwan on their popular YouTube channel called “JustKiddingFilms.”

Gina Darling
Gina with David So

Not giving up on her dreams of becoming an actress, Gina featured in 8 episodes of the reality show called Roll Models. The show premiered in 2013 and Gina Darling appeared as herself where she talked about her ambitions and some of her personal experiences. The show was a very enlightening one as it centered around the Asian American theme. It gave necessary exposure to the lives of Asian American youths who lived in Southern California.

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Another acting gig she has landed was in the filming of “JustKiddingFilms,” a comedic miniseries where she worked with fellow YouTubers, Joe Jo, and Bart Kwan. At some point, she was also the host of Machinima Dark Room.

Gina Darling is a woman who has mastered social media as YouTube is not the only platform in which she exerts influence. The model and actress is also very popular on Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram account is called missginadarling and she currently has about 500 thousand followers. She also has another account on Instagram which is dedicated to her everyday pictures and videos from her regular life. This second account is called hellginadarling and it has amassed about 200 thousand followers. Gina also has about 90 thousand followers on Twitter.

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How Tall is She?

The beautiful Gina Darling stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68 meters. We don’t have a definite figure on her body weight, but we do know that the YouTuber has a slim figure. Other notable features include blonde hair and brown eyes.

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