This Karate Girl Beat Up An Uber Driver Who Tried To Rape Her

An uber driver who thought he could have his way with a young Indian woman was in for a rude shock when she attacked him with her karate skills.

The woman is a student of Jadavpur university. She had booked a cab on the app with a friend whom she shared the ride with.

“It was okay till my friend got down near Aranya Bhavan. Suddenly, the driver started speeding up and took a left where he didn’t need to,” she told the Times of India.

She explained that this alarmed her as the driver kept taking the wrong route. He told her that it would save time.

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“The lanes were deserted so I insisted on taking the main road. He agreed and continued to drive till FD block, where he again tried to enter a lane on the left,” she said.

Soon enough the driver drove past her destination. At this point she told the driver to stop but he would not listen, instead he threatened to rape her and discard her body. Something he admitted to have done to other women.

At this point, all her knowledge of martial arts came flooding back.

“I had taken self-defence lessons in school around 15 years ago and all that training suddenly came in handy. I remembered that I had to hit him hard on his shin bone to stop him and kick the back of his knees to make him fall,” she told the newspaper.

“I mustered all my strength and targeted his shin bone and the back of his knees.”

She did all that before she reportedly jumped out of the moving car.

The Uber driver was arrested as soon as she complained to the police. He has been charged for wrongful restraint, assault or criminal force on a woman to outrage her modesty, voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation.

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“We have shared the driver and trip details with the police and will continue to support investigations as required. The driver has been blocked from using our platform. The background check conducted on the driver indicates no prior criminal record,” Uber said.