Tiny buttons seem to be the best way to describe the three circular, dull-colored metal fastenings on the pockets of jeans but most of us realize that they do not serve any actual purpose as buttons, so why are they there?

Are they a fashion statement? Or do they have some other higher purpose? Would removing those three buttons from your favorite denim really do anything to it? Let’s consider the answer we found.

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Although they do look like they are merely there for decoration, there is or was a far more important purpose behind their inclusion. In the first place, the fastenings are called rivets and they have a history that dates back to mining times. Apparently they were not always there and if you were to have bought jeans when they first came out, they would have been decidedly missing, so here is what changed.


Rivets were designed as a solution to the wearing out and ripping at the seams of jeans. The copper rivets were patented by Young Levi Strauss himself.

He got the idea after he heard miners complaining about how quickly their jeans wore out. Apparently, as they filled up their pockets with gold pieces, their favorite jeans quickly buckled to the pressure and wore out. Levi therefore included rivets as an answer to their problems.

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Thanks to the first jeans lovers and the ingenuity of Levi, our jeans are now infinitely more long lasting. Of course it also probably helps that we are no longer donning them to go and engage in mine work but rather treating them with the utmost care as we depend on them to compliment both our laid back and killer fashion statements.

Also, if you have ever wondered about the use for the small pocket that exists in some jeans, pocket watches used to be kept in them. So there you have it, the answers to jeans questions that you will probably never have.