Why Did Glenn Die on The Walking Dead TV Series & Will He Return?

Glenn Rhee is the incredible and fan-favourite character on the popular AMC apocalyptic series Walking Dead. The fictional character faced one of the most famous and brutal deaths ever aired on cable television which brought huge repercussions. Glenn, as portrayed by actor Steven Yeun, gathered critical acclaim and emotional impact which was more evident after his bloody demise on the series.

As one of Walking Dead’s first and few longtime characters, Glenn Rhee’s death and his departure from the show was quite upsetting for his fans as most people are still not over it yet. More so, the Walking Dead showrunners faced serious backlash following Glenn’s violent and gory death.

How Glenn Rhee Died on the TV Series, Walking Dead

Based on the comic book series, the AMC series is an intense story which chronicles the life of a group of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Being one of the main characters on the show for over half a decade, Glenn had a palpable presence and soon became a fan-favourite. From the former pizza delivery boy to a married man and a fierce warrior, fans became quite attached to the character.

Though known for killing off main characters in often brutal and unforgettable ways, Glenn’s death still came as a shock to many. Similar to the events in the comic book series, there were periodical hints and teases about Glenn’s death some of which were faked in a few episodes. But Glenn’s demise on the show finally came at the end of season six where he was brutally murdered at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Fans were left in confusion and had no idea what to expect after Negan killed a member of the core survivor group at the end of season six. Initially, audiences were made to think it was Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) whom Negan killed while Glenn was safe. It was until the next season that they shockingly realized Glenn was the real victim and his stint on the show had finally ended.

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Glenn was graphically murdered in front of his friends and wife. Negan hit Glenn so hard with his baseball bat called Lucille that his eye popped out of the socket before he died. Glenn’s death has since left his wife Maggie, friends but more so, his fans emotionally devastated. His violent and grotesque death was one of the most savage and brutal deaths ever seen on The Walking Dead. Not only did the popular character’s bloody demise bring a lot of backlash for the producers, the show’s ratings also dropped in the weeks that followed.

Why Did He Die?

As part of their strategy to keep fans of the comic book from predicting too much, the showrunners often change and make unexpected turns and The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman does not regret their decision to kill off Glenn’s character in the series. According to the comics scribe, Glenn, unfortunately, had to die as his exit was quite essential for other characters in the story to move forward.

Will He Return To The Walking Dead?

In several interviews, Steven Yeun has spoken about his character’s death. In the actor’s opinion, he didn’t think fans ever really appreciated Glenn. Glenn Rhee’s role was always a supporting one, and though he might not have been the most colourful or exciting stars on the show, Yeun hinted that the character deserved better than the lukewarm response he got when he was still alive.

For him, Glenn was a character people liked, enjoyed, had no problems with but didn’t know what to do with him. According to Yeun, it took Glenn’s demise for people to acknowledge the connection they had with the character. Given how popular his character was, actor Yeun who never felt like he got his fair due on the show also wondered why the Walking Dead showrunners didn’t make Glenn a merchandise.

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Despite how The Walking Dead character was repeatedly bashed on the head by Negan, some fans who are yet to be over Glenn’s death still express the hope that their favourite character may still return to the show especially given his last words to his wife Maggie.

Thankfully, the AMC series is known to have portrayed flashbacks or dream sequences and has brought several characters back from the dead. Many die-hard fans are, therefore, desperately hoping they may be in luck this time and get to see Glenn once again on the series.

Interestingly, when asked about the possibility, actor Steven Yeun disclosed that he loved being on the show and is down for his return to the series.

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