Life Below Zero’s Glenn Villeneuve’s Net Worth, Wife and Family Details

When a man is so much in love with wildlife to the point that he names his kids after fauna and flora, then he can stand anything doing the business that he loves. Glenn Villeneuve is that man who has withstood various forms of danger, hunting on the Arctic Circle. The wild animals, especially the wolves and the ‘below zero’ temperature, among other fatal risks are no deterrent to Glenn who spends a great portion of his life wandering the 65 miles landmass surrounding the Arctic in search of game and new discoveries.

Glenn Villeneuve has been there over the years without so many people noticing. However, he came to public notice in 2013 after he began appearing on the National Geographic documentary television series, Life Below Zero. Now, so many people want to know more about this daring nomad – who exactly he is, and does he even have a wife and family who always sit back at home waiting for him to return safe and sound from each of his numerous deadly escapades? Well, we’ve got all these questions and more covered here; you just have to hang on…

Who Is Glenn Villeneuve From Life Below Zero?

Glenn Villeneuve is a white American nomadic hunter and reality television actor. He was born on the 18th of August, 1969 in Burlington, Vermont in the United States. Glenn fell in love with wildlife right from his childhood. Growing up, he spent a greater part of his life in the woods making discoveries about survival in the jungle. Glenn, therefore, had very little formal education. He, however, learned to how to read by himself.

Glenn Villeneuve started making subsistence hunting and life in the wilderness a career in 1999 when he settled on the extremely remote and icy-cold Chandalar, close to the wolf-filled arctic Alaskan jungle. In his over two decades of jungle life, Villeneuve has encountered several life-threatening situations. There was a time he spent over four months without any human contact, and then the occasion when he was waylaid by about 20 wolves. But in all, Glenn came out a conqueror.

In addition to hunting, Villeneuve has also equipped himself with other skills that facilitate his survival in the wilderness including fishing, wood-chopping, tracking, and so on. He lives in Brooks Range, 60 miles away from the nearest accessible road! He has also spent over a year there without coming to Fairbanks, the nearest city to his wilderness camp.

Glenn Villeneuve is very active on social media, especially on Facebook. You can find out more about his current activities via his Facebook account.

Life Below Zero

2013 remains a remarkable year for Glenn Villeneuve. That was when BBC Worldwide discovered him and consequently created Life Below Zero, the documentary reality show that has made a world of difference to Villeneuve’s pocket and entire life. Glenn was cast alongside other daring personalities including Sue Aikens, Jessie Holmes, and spouses Kate and Andy BassichChip and Agnes Hailstone, Martha Mae and Erik Salitan, among others.

With one of its slogan of “prepare or perish”, Life Below Zero is a perilously adventurous show set on the wild outskirts of Alaska, U.S.A. But Glenn and his show-mates are equal to the task. Most of them have at different points in their lives thrived in the icy forest, hunting dangerous games. The show also documents the daily life of various queer individuals and families who chose to leave civilization behind, and survive on the harsh weather and crude life of very remote villages of Alaska, only making do with what is available to them for survival.

Life Below Zero was first aired on 19th May 2013 on the National Geographic Channel. It airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.

Details of his Net Worth

The exact figure of Glenn Villeneuve’s net worth is not yet available. However, it is obvious that the Life Below Zero star has earned huge sums, possibly up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for his role on the reality show. Although he has spent a good part of his life in hunting and forest exploration, the Life Below Zero show is presently his main source of income.

In addition to his wildlife exploration career, Glenn Villeneuve is also a real estate and stock market investor. We believe he also makes a significant amount of income from his investments in the two areas. His net worth is said to stand at over $200,000.

His Wife and Family

Glenn Villeneuve has a family of six – himself, his wife, and four children. Well, you’d certainly love to know how they all came about, and here we go again!

Glenn initially married Silvia Daeumichen, a German Opera singer in 2001. The couple had two children, a girl and a boy whom they named Willow Leaves and Wolf Song respectively; (you now understand why we earlier hinted he named his kids after fauna and flora)! Willow was born on 9th of May 2006 while Wolf was born on 14th June, 2009 both in Fairbanks, but raised in Brooks Range.

Glenn and Silvia had a very blossoming relationship living a free life, hunting, gathering food and exploring their natural environment alongside their children, and away from every modern societal influence. However, something(s) not yet known to us went wrong in the relationship, causing it to hit the rocks. They divorced in 2013, and Glenn spent some months all alone in Brooks Range.

Glenn Villeneuve family
Glenn with partner, Trisha and daughters Amelia, and Agatha image source

Howbeit, the brave hunter at some point decided to extend his courage to matters of the heart. And it worked for him. He found love again and that was in Trisha Kazan who moved in with him in November, 2014. They now have a daughter together, Agatha born of June 23, 2017. Meanwhile, Trisha came over with her own daughter, Amelia Atkins whom she had from a previous relationship.

Gleen Villeneuve’s family lives in Fairbanks. But they join him in the wilderness from time to time while he visits them occasionally.


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