Glo Data Plans, Prices and Their Subscription Codes

Glo, we know, is one network in Nigeria that prides itself as the Grandmasters of Data. The reason being that it offers the cheapest data plans when compared to other networks.  Although with pockets of poor internet network in some areas, its 4G LTE network appears to offer superfast connectivity.

Not only does Glo offer more data volumes for much lesser prices, the company also provided quick and straightforward methods on how to subscribe to their data plans. So whether you are a heavy or light data user, there is a plan to suit every pocket. Let’s take a look at all Glo data plans, their prices, and subscription codes.

Glo Data Plans, Prices, and Their Subscription Codes

Glo Data plans are categorized into various options, starting from daily plans, which includes both 1day, 5days, 7days, and 14days validity period. Monthly plans with 30days validity, down to 3months plans, and even night plans. Thankfully, the company has also provided simple methods on how to subscribe to their data plans:

  • Glo High-Speed Internet (HSI) portal: A Glo portal for self-care data management portal
  • Dial *777#: A popular Glo USSD code

The data plans seem good to everyone as they offer up to 10 times the value of one’s data subscription at no additional cost or charge. Here’s a table for each of the plans Glo offers and how to go about their prices and subscription

Glo Daily/Multi-daily, and Weekly Data Plans

This kind of data plan is good for customers wishing to quickly complete a task on the internet. It is also a good trial for new customers wishing to try out the Glo data plan. This category of data plan comes with additional data at a cheaper price. New customers also enjoy much more data bonus at no additional cost. Below is a list of Glo daily, multi-daily, and weekly data plans.

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Features Duration
250MB N25 *777# 250MB(12am-5am) 1 day
50MB(old users)

95MB(new users)

N50 *777#. 45MB +5MB


500MB N50 *777# 500MB(12am-5am) 1 day
150MB (old user) 240MB (new user) N100 *777# 115MB+35MB

205MB +35MB

1GB N100 *777# 1GB(12am-5am) 1 day
350MB(old user)

550MB(new user)

N200 *777# 240MB+110MB


2 days
1GB N300 *777# 1GB(Special data) 1 day
1.25GB N200 *777# 1.25GB(Special data) Sunday
3GB (Weekend)

2.15GB (Night)

N500 *127*61#, *777# 1.35GB with 800MB(day), 550mb(night) 2 days
1.35GB(old user)

2.15GB(new user)

N500 *777# 800MB+550MB(night plan valid for 2days)



14 days
7GB N1500 *777# 7GB(Special data) 7 days

Glo Monthly Data plan

Glo also has a bunch of favorable monthly plans for every pocket size. This category of data plan is valid for a month that’s 30 days from the day of subscription. Much like the daily and weekly data plans, subscribers can activate the plan with either USSD code or SMS. We will begin from the least amount to the much-anticipated amount.

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Features Duration
2.9GB (old users)

3.7GB (new users)

N1000 *127*53# or *777# 1.9GB +1GB(Night plan for 2 days)

3.2GB +500MB


30 days
4.1GB (old users)

6.75GB(New user)


N1,500 *777# 3.5Gb+600MB

6.25GB +500MB

30 days
5.8GB(old user)

9.5GB(new user)

N2,000 *777# 5.2GB+600MB


30 days
7.7GB(old user)

12.75GB(new user)

N2,500 *777# 6.8GB+900MB


30 days
10GB(old user)

17GB(New user)

N3000 *777# 9GB+1GB


30 days
13.25GB(old user),

19GB(new user)

N4000 *777# 12.25GB+1GB


18.25GB(old user)

31.25GB(new user)

N5000 *777# 17GB+1.35GB 30 days
29.5GB(old user)

37GB(new user)

N8000 *777# 27.5GB+2GB


30 dqys
50GB(old user)

50GB(new user)

N10,000 *777# 46GB+4GB


30 days
93GB(old user)

93GB(new user)

N15,000 *777# 86Gb+7GB


30 days
119GB(old user)

119GB(new user)

N18,000 *777# 109GB+10GB


30 days
138GB(old user)

138GB(new user)

N20,000 *777# 126GB+12GB


30 days

Glo Mega Data Plan

This new data plan is meant for Home Broadband users such as Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and SME customers as well as high-end customers who have the need for higher data benefits with longer validity periods.

The price range for the Glo Mega Data plan starts from N30,000 and goes all the way to N100,000, its validity ranges from 30 days to one year. This plan is also available for both existing and new Glo subscribers. Like the rest, it is auto-renewable and can be gifted or shared with others on the Glo network as the subscriber desires. Take a look at the mega data plan and its subscription code.

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Features Duration
225GB N30,000 *777# None 30 days
300GB N36,000 *777# None 30 days
425GB N50,000 *777# None 90 days
525GB N60,000 *777# None 120 days
675GB N75,000 *777# None 120 days
1TB *777# None 1 Year

Glo Social Bundles

This special bundle is available for all Glo customers seeking to only gain access to only the respective social media apps. Customers can choose one app among Instagram, Tiktok, and Telegram. They can as well choose to purchase Tiktok social bundle @ N25 and Instagram social bundle @ N50. All the packs are available on auto renewal and one-off basis. To subscribe to Social Bundles dial *777# and go to Social bundles.

Glo Campus Bonus

This special data plan is unique for campus students. It offers up to 10 times the value of your data subscription while you are on campus at no additional cost. This means that students who purchase the campus Booster Data plan receive 50% extra data bonus on campus in addition to their regular data. Check out the list of data plans under this category and their prices.

Data Bundle Price Subscription Code Features Duration
100MB N100 *777#. 225MB On-campus data

25MB free data for sharing

N100 Glo to Glo Bonus

2 days
200MB N200 *777# 450MB On-Campus data

50MB free data for sharing

N200 Glo to Glo Bonus

4 days
500MB N500 *777# 1.12GB On-Campus data

125 free data for sharing

N500 Glo to Glo Bonus

7 days
1GB N1000 *777# 2.25GB On-Campus data

250MB free data for sharing

N1000 Glo to Glo Bonus

15 days
2GB N2,000 *777# 4.5GB On-Campus data

500MB Free data for sharing

N2000 Glo to Glo Bonus

30 days
5GB N5,000 *777# 11.2GB On-Campus data

125MB free data for sharing

N5000 Glo to Glo Bonus


30 days

WTF Bundles (Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook)

Data Bundle Price Duration
100MB N25 1 day
200MB N50 30 days
500MB N100 30 days

Opera Bundle

Data Bundle Price Duration
25MB N25 1 day
100MB N50 7 days
300MB N100 30 days

 Single Bundle – Instagram, Tiktok, Telegram 

Data Bundle Price Duration
20MB N25 1 day
50MB N50 7 days
125MB N100 30 days


  • WTF Bundles – Gives customers access to WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Opera Bundles – Gives customers access to Opera mini browser and news; Video streaming and downloads are not allowed.
  • YouTube Bundles – Gives customers access to YouTube only.

What Is The Cheapest Glo Data Plan?

Glo data plan is generally at its cheapest when compared with other networks in Nigeria’s telecoms market. But of all its data plans, the Daily Data Splash appears to be the company’s cheapest so far. As seen in the daily and weekly data plan category, the daily data splash offers a whopping 1GB of data for just N300 and 2GB for N500. The subscription is available for existing and new Glo customers. It is also shareable

What Is Glo’s Best Data Plan?

Looking at all the juicy data packages offered by Glo Nigeria, deciding its best could be confusing. However, one’s choice of the best data package would depend on the prices. The daily, monthly, and Campus data plan stand the chance of being the telecommunication net work’s best so far.

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