Godwin Maduka: Nigerian-American Doctor Provides Shelter For 100 Widows In Anambra State

Love makes the world go round; and what is love? Love as in this case is sacrifice; reaching out to someone in need. Nothing paints the picture better than the provision of standard shelters for widows in the rural area. Shelter is a very necessary and basic life amenity but then to put up one for the middle and low-class is often an exorbitant adventure. And here we have Dr Godwin Maduka who generously provides them in large numbers for a multitude of people – free of charge.

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Few months ago, Dr Godwin Maduka born to a Nigerian father took up the responsibility of developing his home town as well as transforming lives for the better. Selflessly, he sponsored several projects in Umuchukwu, Orumba South Local Government Area in Anambra State; the most striking of which was providing shelter for about 100 widows and less privileged natives.

Dr. Godwin Maduka is a brilliant and well-read personality – obtained degrees in chemistry, pharmacy and medicine from prestigious institutions of the world. The Harvard graduate is the founder of the Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center.


All hundred houses are all architecturally patterned and decorated the same way. In the words of an indigene, “today, there is no more thatched house in the community. Maduka has replaced every thatched house in the area with three or four-bedroom bungalows.” He also went on to cite other accomplished projects by Dr. Maduka: 100 motorbikes donation to the less privileged and the unemployed; renovation of the post office and police facilities; establishment of schools, hospitals and religious buildings; and the grant of scholarships to University students within and outside Nigeria.

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Need we say more? His philanthropic acts to his native community says it all. Actions like this from better placed Africans will go a long way in fostering the mentality of giving back to the society that gives you an identity.

“I embarked on all these to save my people from my ugly experience while growing up. I grew up in a home that when it rained, it rained more inside the house… Wealth would be meaningless if it cannot be used to better the lives of the people around the custodian… The wealthy must provide jobs for the youths; build skills acquisition centres for willing adults, market stalls for men and women, if society must be secure,”- Dr. Godwin Maduka

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