7 Interesting Things About Golden Child (K-Pop) You Probably Didn’t Know

Golden Child is a South Korean boy group created in 2017 by Woollim Entertainment. The company is home to many musical groups, artists, producers and actors including Lovelyz, Baby Soul, Park Joo-hwan, RPHABET, and many others. The group which is abbreviated as Gol-Cha or GNCD made their debut with a self-titled extended play, Gol-Cha! along with its lead single, ‘DamDaDi’ on 28th August 2017.

Golden Child initially debuted as an eleven-member boy group but unfortunately, one Golden Child member, Park Jae-Seok left the group in January 2018 due to health issues. Currently, they are a ten-member group consisting of Daeyeol, Y, Jangjun, Tag, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, and Bomin. For some juicy facts you probably didn’t know about Golden Child, scroll further.

7 Interesting Things About Golden Child You Probably Didn’t Know

1. How the Golden Child Was Formed

Following Woollim Entertainment’s inauguration of the pre-debut project for trainees, W Project in January 2017, five Golden Child members namely; Daeyeol, Jangjun, Joochan, Donghyun, and Tag as well as their former member, Jaeseok were unveiled under the pre-debut project. They went on to reveal eleven names as the band’s line-up on 17th May 2017 and the band debuted on 28th August 2017.

2. Why Jaeseok Left

On 7th January 2018, Woollim Entertainment released an official statement stating that Jaeseok has left Golden Child due to health challenges. They said that it’s quite unfortunate that they are sharing such news to the fans at the beginning of the year after their debut. They further stated that after Park Jae-Seok, who has received much love while promoting as a Golden Child member disclosed his intention of putting his activities as an artist on hold due to his health condition and other great pressures from his musical activities, that they would show him support in his future endeavors.

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Woollim Entertainment also stated that they discussed many things over with Jaeseok and deliberated the possibility and prospect of various future activities with him before coming to the conclusion of respecting his intention of leaving Golden Child. They reassured their fans that they will do their best to reorganize the group and continue to carry out the group activities as a ten-member boy group.

3. Golden Child Members’ Real Names And Their Birthdate

Daeyeol, who is the leader of Golden Child, was born as Lee Daeyeol on 11th February 1993 in Gyeonggi-do, Yongin, South Korea. Y was born, Choi Seongyoon on 31st July 1995 in Changwon, South Korea. Jangjun was born as Lee Jangjun on 3rd March 1997 in Jeongju, South Korea. Tag was born Son Youngtaek on 13th April 1998 in Hwaseong, South Korea. Seungmin was born as Bae Seungmin on 13th October 1998 in Gwangju, South Korea. Jaehyun was born, Bong Jaehyun on 4th January 1999 in Seoul, South Korea.

More so, Jibeom was born as Kim Jibeom on 3rd February 1999 in Busan, South Korea. Donghyun was born, Kim Donghyun on 23rd February 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. Joochan was born, Hong Joochan on 31st July 1999 in Seoul, South Korea while Bomin was born as Choi Bomin on 24th August 2000 in Yongin, South Korea.

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4. Their Songs and Albums

Golden Child members
Golden Child performing at KCON Japan 2018 (image source)

Since the inception of the group in 2017, Golden Child has released three extended plays; Gol-Cha! (2017), ‘Miracle’ (2018), and ‘Wish’ (2018) with many hit tracks. Notable among them include ‘DamDaDi’, ‘I Love You So’, ‘It’s U’, ‘Eyes on You’, ‘I See You’, ‘You Turn Me On Baby’, and ‘Would You Be My’. In addition, they have also released one single album titled, ‘Goldenness’ (2018) with the lead single, ‘Let Me’.

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5. Golden Child Members Ambassadorial Post

Golden Child was officially chosen on 6th December 2017 to be the new ambassadors for the 2018 Korea Scout Association. It was really an honorable achievement by the group which was possible as a result of their unique representation of their country.

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6. The Group’s Films and Reality TV Series Appearances

Apart from being known for their singing prowess, Golden Child members have also displayed their acting skills by featuring in many films and reality TV series together including Golden Movie, 20th Century Boy and Girl, and Ring It! Golden Child.

7. They Have Received a Handful of Accolades

Golden Child members have won many accolades within their short time in the K-Pop industry including emerging the winners of V Live Awards, Fandom School Awards, and Korea Culture & Entertainment Awards, etc.

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