Google Playstore Cleanup: Tech Giant To Delete Millions Of Apps

If you use an Android you probably have an access to the Google Playstore and to the millions of apps that can be found therein.

It has been said that one can find an application for almost everything and with the sheer amount of problems which are being given technological solutions, this is not far from the truth.

The millions of apps on Google Playstore can, for the most part, be seen as advantageous.

They give us a veritable amount of choices to go with but there can, of course, be some marked disadvantages in the rapid proliferation of mobile applications and one of such disadvantages is the reason behind Google’s drive to cut some apps from the Playstore.

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Google has been sending out notices to app developers around the world with warnings that their apps could be pulled from the platform if the apps do not meet Google’s User Data Policy.

Google playstore

The messages have for the most part been directed at app developers whose apps request “sensitive permissions (e.g. camera, microphone, account, contacts, or phone)” from users, but don’t have a valid privacy policy.

The changes to Google Playstore is good for users

What Google’s warning means is that if you have been downloading apps and granting them these permissions, your data might not be as secure as the apps led you to believe.

From now on, however, developers will now have to submit a valid privacy policy both on the Google Play Store listing and within the app. Any app that does not comply will see Google either limiting its visibility or removing the offending app altogether.

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Google Playstore may now carry a lot fewer apps but this is a good thing as the Playstore will be a lot less crowded making it easier to find apps that will actually be beneficial to you while protecting your data.