Gordhan Pravin Says He Is Ready To Die For SA Than Do This…

Gordhan Pravin is a South African politician and current Minister of Finance who is soon to face probe by the National Prosecuting Authorities.

He has been accused of embezzlement of public funds amongst other crimes during his previous time as Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Gordhan Pravin has served in various finance inclined positions in the government. He was the SARS Chief for 10 good years (1999 – 2009)

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Gordhan had equally been the Finance Minister from 2009-2014, succeeding Trevor Manuel.

Just like his predecessor Nhlanhla Nene who was removed last year after loggerheads with powers that be in the government, it is almost glaring that Gordhan is bound to face the same fate.

According to the NPA, Gordhan and 3 other people will face probe. They include 2 former SARS Commissioners- Ivan Pillay and Oupa Magashula- and Johan van Loggerenberg, a high risk investigations unit head. The 4 men are being charged for corruption, fraud and illegal spying.

The NPA alleges that during Gordhan’s tenure as SARS Chief that a supposed ‘rogue unit’ was existent. The unit is said to have been involved illegal intelligence gathering.

Gordhan admits that the unit existed as a legal body and to the best of his knowledge, functioned in line with custom and tax rules.

The South African Communist Party (SACP) likewise many South African citizens are certain that this is a ploy to remove Gordhan from his position. As such will mean express invasion into the treasury by the ruling party.

Zuma had reportedly said that there was nothing he could do in his capacity as the President to prevent the probing of the Finance Minister.

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The 67-year old had earlier rebuffed the Hawks, saying he will not submit to the police.

“I therefore, do not intend to present myself for a warning statement for many considerations, both legal and given my other commitments.”

“I have a job to do in a difficult economic environment and serve South Africa as best I can. Let me do my job.”

According to him, he will keep on fighting against corruption in South Africa and is even ready to lay down his life in that noble cause.

Gordhan Pravin himself is not exactly new to the possibility that he would be a victim in the speculated cabinet reshuffle. Acknowledging the fact that he is soon to be unseated, Gordhan charged his substitutes in the treasury department to keep up with the good work,

“He said ministers come and go and we must just commit to work with whoever is the minister of finance.”- Treasury employee