GoTV Ghana – Packages To Choose From, Channels They Contain and How to Activate

The pay television industry is one of the profitable sectors that drives the Ghanaian economy. Thanks to the competitiveness between stakeholders in the business, pay television providers in Ghana ensure they offer views the best of services to remain in business. While DStv takes a big chunk of the cake as the most popular pay television provider in Ghana, it has had to fight for customers with Multi TV which is the dominant free-to-air satellite television service provider in the western African country. Then there is StarTimes which has gained a hold over viewers who prioritizes sports and GOtv which has thrived for its decision to dwell more on African programming.

Like DStv, GOtv is owned by MultiChoice, a South African company regarded as one of the fastest-growing pay-TV operators in the world. It has been claimed that the video entertainment outlet has found its way to over 13.5 million homes in Africa. You will find GOtv in at least nine African countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, Mozambique, and Ghana. GOtv Ghana, as it is with other countries, mainly consists of African and international programming as you would soon learn.

GOtv Ghana Packages, Channels, and Subscription Fees

GOtv Ghana offers six packages and each of these features various channels that cover a wide range of programming that goes a long way in satisfying the need for home entertainment.

1. GOtv Max

  • Number of Channels: 61
  • Subscription Fee: GHS 70 Per Month

As the name suggests, the GOtv Ghana Max package grants access to the widest variety of programming that the TV terrestrial service provider has to offer its Ghanian customers. From movies to music, novellas, sports, and what have you, this package offers a lot that can rival the premium packages of other providers. Below is the list of channels you will find under GOtv Max.

  1. Joy Prime
  2. UTV
  3. Metro TV
  4. GTV
  5. TV3
  6. Adom TV
  7. GHONE tv
  8. Fiesta GH
  9. TV Africa
  10. GHANA
  11. Peace FM
  12. Citi FM
  13. Adom FM
  14. Kasapa FM
  15. Joy FM
  16. YFM
  17. Star FM
  18. BBC World News
  19. CNN International
  20. Al Jazeera
  21. Joy News
  22. Dominion TV
  23. Faith
  24. Islam Channel
  25. Emmanuel TV
  26. Trace Jama
  27. MTV Base
  28. AFRO Music English
  29. Fiesta TV
  30. Nickelodeon
  31. Disney Junior
  32. Jim Jam
  33. Da Vinci Kids
  34. PBS Kids
  35. Cartoon Network
  36. ESPN
  37. SS Blitz
  38. SS Football
  39. SS Variety 3
  40. SS Variety 4
  41. Discovery Family
  42. Real Time
  43. NatGeo Wild
  44. Discovery ID
  45. GO Channel
  46. Iroko Music
  47. E! Entertainment Television
  48. FOX
  49. FOX Life
  50. BET
  51. CBS Reality
  52. AfricaMagic Family
  53. AfricaMagic Hausa
  54. Iroko Plus
  55. Telemundo
  56. Eva +
  57. Zee World
  58. Star Life
  59. TNT Africa
  60. AfricaMagic Epic
  61. M-Net Movies 4

2. GOtv Plus

  • Number of Channels: 49
  • Subscription Fee: GHS 45 Per Month

Next to the Max package, the GOtv Ghana Plus package has channels dedicated to general entertainment, news, religion, movies, TV shows, and much more.

  1. E! Entertainment Television
  2. FOX Life
  3. AfricaMagic Family
  4. AfricaMagic Hausa
  5. ROK 3
  6. Telemundo
  7. Eva +
  8. Zee World
  9. Discovery Family
  10. NatGeo Wild
  11. SS Blitz
  12. SS Football
  13. SS Select 2
  14. Nickelodeon
  15. Disney Junior
  16. Jim Jam
  17. PBS Kids
  18. MTV Base
  19. AFRO Music English
  20. Fiesta TV
  21. Dominion TV
  22. Faith
  23. Islam Channel
  24. Emmanuel TV
  25. BBC World News
  26. CNN International
  27. Al Jazeera
  28. Joy News
  29. AfricaMagic Epic
  30. M-Net Movies 4
  31. B4U Movies
  32. Peace FM
  33. Citi FM
  34. Adom FM
  35. Kasapa FM
  36. Joy FM
  37. YFM
  38. Star FM
  39. Joy Prime
  40. eTV Africa
  41. UTV
  42. Metro TV
  43. GTV
  44. TV3
  45. Adom TV
  46. GHONE tv
  47. Fiesta GH
  48. TV Africa
  49. GHANA

3. GOtv Value

  • Number of Channels: 37
  • Subscription Fee: GHS 22 Per Month

Even though the GOtv Ghana Value package only has one channel dedicated to novellas (Eva +) and one to movies (AfricaMagic Epic), it has several that offers general entertainment and more that covers everything from religion to sports, music, news, and more.

  1. Joy Prime
  2. eTV Africa
  3. UTV
  4. Metro TV
  5. GTV
  6. TV3
  7. Adom TV
  8. GHONE tv
  9. Fiesta GH
  10. TV Africa
  11. GHANA
  12. Peace FM
  13. Citi FM
  14. Adom FM
  15. Kasapa FM
  16. Joy FM
  17. YFM
  18. Star FM
  19. BBC World News
  20. Al Jazeera
  21. Joy News
  22. Dominion TV
  23. Faith
  24. Islam Channel
  25. Emmanuel TV
  26. AFRO Music English
  27. Fiesta TV
  28. Nickelodeon
  29. Jim Jam
  30. SS Blitz
  31. SS Variety 4
  32. E! Entertainment Television
  33. FOX Life
  34. AfricaMagic Family
  35. AfricaMagic Hausa
  36. AfricaMagic Epic
  37. Eva +

4. GOtv Lite

  • Number of Channels: 23
  • Subscription Fee: GHS 12 Per Month

GOtv Ghana is admired because of its provision for low-income earners. Its Lite package is designed for those who can’t afford to spend more than GHS 12 a month of home entertainment. At that rate, the channels offered are decent enough.

  1. SS Blitz
  2. Joy FM
  3. YFM
  4. Jim Jam
  5. PBS Kids
  6. AFRO Music English
  7. Planet Radio TV
  8. Faith
  9. Islam Channel
  10. Emmanuel TV
  11. Al Jazeera
  12. Joy News
  13. Joy Prime
  14. eTV Africa
  15. UTV
  16. Metro TV
  17. GTV
  18. TV3
  19. Adom TV
  20. GHONE tv
  21. Fiesta GH
  22. TV Africa
  23. GHANA

5. GOtv Lite Quarterly

  • Number of Channels: 23
  • Subscription Fee: GHS 30 Every 3 Months

GOtv Lite Quarterly is the same as GOtv Lite as you will be getting the same channels. The only difference is that you’ll get to save GHS 6 by making a one-time payment of GHS 30 for three months subscription.

6. GOtv Lite Annual

  • Number of Channels: 23
  • Subscription Fee: GHS 72 Every 12 Months

For GOtv Lite Annual, you’ll get the same channels in GOtv Lite and GOtv Lite Quarterly. Nonetheless, you’ll be saving GHS 72 by making a one-time, 12-months payment of GHS 72.

Guide on How to Activate Your GOtv Ghana Account

New GOtv Ghana users must activate their accounts before they gain access to the content. To do so, follow the instructions below.

1. Visit with your computer or internet-enabled mobile device.

How to Activate GOtv Ghana Account

2. Enter your details as required: Your city, surname, IUC number, and mobile number (You’ll find your IUC number on the red sticker under your decoder).


How to Activate through SMS

Alternatively, you can activate your new GOtv decoder by sending a text message to 22688.

Send – Accept*IUC number*Surname*Mobile number*City*GOtvMax# – to 22688.

Getting Rid of E16/E30 Messages

You’ll get the E30 error message if your decoder has had no signal for a long time of has been switched off. To clear it, make sure that your subscription has been paid. Thereafter, switch the decoder on and send “reset” to 4688.

The E16/E30 message means your decoder has been disconnected. To reconnect, switch the decoder on before paying for your subscription. After that, send “reset” and your IUC number to 4688 if the problem persists.

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