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Grace Chatto, a British musician, and singer is the cellist, percussionist, and vocalist for the electronic music band known as Clean Bandit. She formed the band in Cambridge in 2008 alongside Jack Patterson and Neil Amin-Smith and it was while studying at Jesus College, University of Cambridge that she met the group’s founding members with whom she played in a string quartet at the time.

Grace Chatto Biography

Born as Grace Elizabeth Chatto on the 10th of December 1985, in London, England, the cellist is the daughter of Ruth and Ricky Chatto. She is a former student of The Latymer School, a selective, mixed grammar school located in Edmonton, London, England, and also a graduate of Westminster School in London, England.

After she finished from Westminster, Grace Chatto moved over to study in Russia before she went to Jesus College, University of Cambridge. Halfway through her second year, she changed course and started a degree in Russian literature, language, and history. While there, she was part of a string quartet that included Jack Patterson and Neil Amin-Smith with whom she later formed the Clean Bandit electronic music band.

Grace Chatto and her former co-founding member of Clean Bandit, Neil Amin-Smith, are both from north London and also attended the Haringey Young Musicians as children. In an interview with The Telegraph, Amin-Smith, who was three years Grace’s senior in school, revealed that she was the pin-up for boys his age, even though they were scared of her because she was wild. In confirmation, Grace said she was always in detention either for smoking publicly or for public displays of affection.

Grace Chatto
Jack Patterson, Grace Chatto and Milan Neil Amin-Smith of Clean Bandit (Image Source)

Even though they were not really friends before university, their paths crossed when Grace Chatto wrote a piece of music for a school string quartet and recruited Amin-Smith. This was after she found him on Facebook when she heard he was starting at Cambridge. Subsequently, they played numerous concerts in different big chapels.

Personal Life – Her Relationship With Jack Patterson

At about the same time Grace hooked up with Neil Amin-Smith, she also got into a relationship with Jack Patterson, an architecture student at Jesus College. He would go to their gigs, design their fliers and record their performances. Jack later started mixing the recordings with drum sample as he was experimenting with electronic music at the time.

After Grace Chatto graduated, her boyfriend, not wanting to do the full seven years of architecture, decided to move with her to Moscow. There, Jack was able to get into the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, thanks to Grace. The couple was living above a kiosk selling MP3s and it was playing loud Russian music all through the day.

A day came and Jack decided to try writing a house beat having drawn inspiration from that. This eventually turned out to be the Clean Bandit’s first single, Mozart’s House, in 2010. The band picked up momentum and started releasing many more songs. However, after they released a fourth single Rather Be, from their first album, “New Eyes”, the relationship between Grace Chatto and Jack Patterson ended.

Other Facts/All You Need To Know

Massive Violins

Together, Grace and her father, Ricky Chatto, founded a musical ensemble of seven singing cellists known as the Massive Violins, in 2010. The ensemble made up of Ricky Chatto, Guido Martin-Brandis, Jess Chandler, Matt Knott, Camilla Farrant, Grace Chatto, and Saul Berkowitz, play music from different music genres, all using the cello and voice.

The Massive Violins have performed in concerts in various venues within and outside the United Kingdom including a residency at Hornsey Town Hall, a biannual concert at Cecil Sharp House, and regular appearances at festivals such as the Isle of Arts Festival among others. In 2016, the ensemble emerged winners of North London’s Got Talent in 2016.

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She Was A Teacher

Grace Chatto speaks Russian fluently, she was once a teacher but was fired after it was found out that she appeared almost naked in a music video.

Net Worth

The musician is said to have an estimated net worth of $10 million. This is quite commendable considering how long she has been pursuing her career as a musician.

Height And Weight

The beautiful Grace Chatto stands at 5 feet 6 Inches (1.67 m) and weighs 55kg (121lbs). She has a well-structured slim body and an enchanting pair of green eyes. It’s hard to tell what her real hair color is because she is often seen with different hair colors.

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