Fact Check on how Much Grace Fulton has Developed Since Her Career took off in 2001

Grace Fulton was just four years old when she made her debut onscreen appearance in the TV show, That’s Life. Since then, she has made additional appearances, growing her onscreen presence as she matures in age. It has so far culminated in a role as Mary Bromfield, aka Mary Marvel, in the 2019 DCEU film, Shazam!

Throughout this developmental journey, she has appeared in several films and TV shows. In them, her roles have ranged from the peripheral to prominent, helping her craft a much-needed skill and talent as an actress. With Grace now a full part of mainstream filmmaking, we took a closer look at the evolution of her career since 2001.

Grace Fulton Comes from a Family of Actors

Fulton was born in the United States on July 17, 1996, into a middle-class family. There is little to say about her childhood, early education, parents, or what they did for a living. However, we are aware she was raised in urban life, alongside her older brother, Soren Fulton, who also works as an actor.

Another actor in the Fulton family was her aunt, Joan Shawlee. She had a long career in Hollywood before she passed away in March 1987. Joan spent over 41 years in the entertainment industry between 1945 and 1986.

Like the career Grace has forged thus far, she worked across film and television, with notable works like playing Sweet Sue in Some Like it Hot and Pickles Sorrell in The Dick Van Dyke Show.

With acting a significant part of the Fulton family profession, it thus comes as no surprise that Grace began her journey at a young age. She started performance art training with ballet, before making her debut in a TV show in 2001.

Grace Initially Wanted to be a Ballerina

The foundation in ballet that kickstarted Grace Fulton’s career did not exactly leave her. That is why, even after making several appearances in film and television, she spent her 2011 summer training at the Royal Ballet School in London.

Eventually, acting won, and in 2014, she spent another summer training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. At this time, she had nine credited appearances, including her debut role at the age of four in the TV show, That’s Life.

She Started Her Acting Career by Playing Younger Versions of Older Characters

One benefit Grace Fulton has enjoyed is her slow introduction into the deep end of Hollywood acting. While she harbored an interest in ballet, she made appearances in a few TV works, films, and shows. Aside from That’s Life in 2001, she also played Katelyn Maat in the action/crime drama, JAG. It was a one-off appearance in the sixth episode of the seventh season.

She made her first appearance in a feature-length film the following year, in the TV film, Home of the Brave. She played Sydney Briggs in the TV drama, in a small supporting role. Two years after, she began a string of appearances playing younger versions of older characters.

Her first was in the 2004 miniseries, as Young Natalie Wood in The Mystery of Natalie Wood. In the same year, she played Young Biddy, whose adult version was played by Stacy Edwards, in the Hallmark drama, Back When We Were Grownups.

In 2005, she began a recurring role as Young Melinda in the CBS drama, Ghost Whisperer. She played a young Jennifer Love Hewitt, as Melinda Gordon, a woman who can communicate with earthbound spirits of the recently deceased.

Grace Fulton
A young Grace Fulton, in Ghost Whisperer: image source

Although she only appeared across five episodes between 2005 and 2007, the role, along with others like it, helped a rapid development of her acting ability. By playing younger versions of other actors, Grace Fulton not only learned to translate the script to screen but also mimic the mannerisms of older actors.

This skill came in handy again when she returned to acting after a four-year break in 2012. She played young Victoria Harper, the lead character, in the mystery-thriller, Revenge.

The 2010s Opened the Door to more Significant Roles for Her

In between learning the ropes playing younger versions of an older character, Grace Fulton played original characters in a couple of low budget productions. In 2007, she played Celina Rice, the daughter of an American soldier who returned from duty in Iraq in Badland. The film received mixed critical reception and was a commercial failure.

Grace was Lily in the 2008 Christmas TV movie, Our First Christmas. After a four-year break from acting, presumably spent to complete her college education, Fulton returned to acting with an appearance in the short film, Journey to Abaddon in 2014.

Two years after, she played Boots in a one-off episode of Awkward, before she appeared as Paige in the 2017 film, Painted Horses. It was her first project in a prominent role, where she played one of a collection of difficult kids taught by a young teacher with a storied past.

Grace Fulton
Grace, second right, in Annabelle: Creation: image source

The role focused on her present and was a significant departure from earlier parts geared towards her older version’s history. In the same year, she played another supporting role in the horror blockbuster, Annabelle: Creation. She played Carol, one of the girls in an orphanage home terrorized by a powerful demon.

Although she was not a leading character, Grace Fulton’s performance and the rest of the cast helped the film to a successful stint at the box office. Despite the film’s mixed critical response, it made over $306.5 million at the box office, on a production budget of $15 million.

The Actress Found Mainstream Popularity with DCEU’s Shazam!

Finally, in 2019, Grace found her biggest claim to fame yet, as Mary Bromfield in the DCEU film, Shazam! Like her previous works, she played a supporting role, as one of six children in a foster home. Taking advantage of her physique, she plays the foster children’s mature and academically driven older sister.

As a superhero film in the 2010s, the film received widespread popularity, bringing Grace Fulton to the attention of millions of viewers.

Grace Fulton
Grace in Shazam! image source

Not only did the film and her performance receive critical praise, but she also added another box office success to her resume. Shazam! made $366 million on a $100 million budget, placing it among the most successful films of 2019.

Since appearing in the film, Grace’s stock as an actress rose, enough that she now has fan pages dedicated to her. However, her rising stock did not reflect in her next role.

She played the daughter of a family man-turned-vampire in the 2020 comedy, Vampire Dad. The film was poorly received, with a 4.2 rating on IMDb from 118 reviews. But for fans of the actress, that is no reason to fret. The actress can return to being part of cinematic excellence in her next film, Most Guys are Losers.

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