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The 2019 superhero film, Shazam, is sure sending sparks into the air. While getting entertained, however, viewers must realize it’s all another credit to the incredible men and women who made the movie a box office hit. One of those faces is Grace Fulton, an American actress and dancer, who’s also earned popularity for her appearance as Young Melinda Gordon in the TV series, Ghost Whisperer.

She also played the character, Young Natalie Wood in the TV film, The Mystery of Natalie Wood and Haley Farrell in Bones (2006). Although she seems to have burst out of nowhere into the big screens, a closer look traces her to a niece-aunt relationship with popular actress, Joan Shawlee. Best known for her role as Sweet Sue in Some Like It Hot. Let’s tell you more about this young and vibrant actress who sure has a lot t show us in the coming decades.

Grace Fulton’s Bio (Age)

Fulton was born in the United States on July 17, 1996, into a middle-class family. Although we have so little to say about her childhood, early education, parents or what they did for a living, we’re aware she was raised in urban life, alongside her older brother, Soren Fulton, who also works as an actor. Maybe acting runs in the family. Who knows? Another proof is her aunt, Joan Shawlee who’s had a longstanding career in Hollywood. If speculations are anything to go by, then it’s safe to also tag one or both of Fulton’s parents as actors. But why chew on situations when a 30-minute sit-down could clear all the doubts. Until then, we endure the specs. Although we have no tabs on her high school education or details about her decision to pursue a degree, our radar is rather drawn to her professional accomplishments over the years.


Grace Fulton.
Strong, Grace Fulton on the feature cover of Shazam.

With a stint in dancing, ballet precisely, little Grace have always had a passion for the dancing floor. Which is why it wasn’t so much of a shock knowing she spent the summer of 2011 attending the Royal Ballet School in London. While dancing flourished, Fulton had been a popular face right from the start. It’s possible her instructors at the ballet school tried to place the face, until she chimes in with, “Young Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer.” Yes, Ghost Whisperer may not be her first, but it sure felt like her major taste of success.

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Prior to her appearance in the 2007 TV series, she’s also been spotted as 4-year-old Lydia in That’s Life, Katelyn Maat in JAG and Young Natalie Wood in The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004). She was only six at the time. Her TV credits also include Home of the Brave (2002), Back When We Were Grownups (2004), Bones (2006), Our First Christmas (2008), Revenge (2012-2013), and Awkward (2016). Her movie credits include Badland (2007), Journey to Abbaddon (2014), Painted Horses (2017), Annabel Creation (2017) and of course, Shazam (2019).

If Married, Who is Her Husband?

Grace Fulton seems to be big on her singleness. And she’s don’t seem to be uncomfortable being tagged “boyfriendless.” At least not yet. Although she hasn’t come out plainly to state if she is in a relationship or not; we have no reasons to believe she is either. So far, she hasn’t been spotted with any mystery man of some soon-to-be-identified dude. She is surely putting all that energy into the foundations of her career. In 2014, she reportedly enrolled at RADA’s Summer Intensive programme.

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Grace Fulton’s Net Worth

As of 2019, no sources have revealed the exact value of her net worth or shat she earns as an annual salary. However, the way her past movies have fared gives us a peek into what it’s like, being Grace Fulton. Her role as Carol in Annabel Creation gave her a fair cut of the $306.5 million fortune the movie made; on a budget of $15 million. More so, her recent movie, Shazam, made a box office hit of $363.2 million; on a budget between $80 – $100 million.

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Height and Body Measurement

The twenty-something-year-old is still evolving and beautifully so. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall; has shiny black hair and has dark brown eyes. As of this writing, we have no tabs on her weight, shoe, bra and dress sizes; as well as her body measurement. We’ll put them all out for you as soon as we get tabs on these.

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