Grace Mugabe's underwear

Grace Mugabe’s underwear may have seen a lot of discussion in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa on Tuesday for a very absurd reason. The Zimbabwean first lady was said to have given some of her underwear to be distributed to supporters.

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The news was made all the more ludicrous by the news that the underwear that were supposedly distributed on the behest of the first lady were used. The unverified news made its way round pretty quickly and now the Zimbabwean journalist who was supposedly behind it has been detained.

His report had said that Zanu-PF MP Esau Mupfumi distributed the underwear, and said Mrs Mugabe had donated it. Mupfumi was quoted as saying;

“I met the First Lady Grace Mugabe and I was given these clothes so that I can give you. I have briefs for you and I am told that most of your briefs are not in good shape, please come and collect your allocations today,”

“We have night dresses, sandals and clothes, come and take, this is from your First Lady Grace Mugabe,”

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights representing Kenneth Nyangani, the reporter in question, said that he was detained over the story. Nyangani is a NewsDay reporter and according to them, could possibly face “criminal defamation” charges.

Detained For Writing About Grace Mugabe’s Underwear

In a statement they said that Police in the eastern city of Mutare detained Mr Nyangani on Monday evening for “allegedly writing and publishing a story over the donation of some used undergarments” by President Robert Mugabe’s wife

NewsDay reported that it is still unclear as to whether the complainant is the MP or the first lady. There has been no official comment on Mr Nyangani’s arrest.

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The AFP news agency reports that the worsening economic conditions in Zimbabwe are forcing many people to buy second-hand clothing, some of which include used underwear from Western countries which is chiefly imported from Mozambique.