Grace Seo Chang – Bio, Facts You Need To Know About Chef David Chang’s Wife

Epicures would undoubtedly be familiar with the name David Chang, a formidable chef, restauranteur, TV star, and author. Through his restaurant empire, Momofuku which has no less than eight branches in three countries, Chang is best recognized for popularizing modern Asian cuisine. While the award-winning chef and food critic is known to always leave his fans drooling, here are facts about Grace Seo Chang, the woman who has been able to satisfy David’s insatiable wants.

Grace Seo Chang – Bio

Grace Seo Chang was sprung to the limelight following her marriage to chef David Chang. For reasons best known to them, the couple has consciously kept details of their personal lives away from the public eye. While there is information readily available about her American restaurateur husband, Grace has proven to be an ultra-private person. Details regarding her birthdate, birthplace, parents, family background, childhood, education, or career have not been disclosed. Nonetheless, judging by her physical appearance, it is apparent that Grace Seo Chang has Asian heritage.

Facts You Need To Know About Chef David Chang’s Wife

  • Marriage

Grace Seo is happily married to her heartthrob David Chang. A private person, there is also a scarcity of information about her relationship with the celebrity chef. However, her husband is not as discrete and has been gracious enough to share tidbits about their romance. It is unknown how, when, and where the couple met but they officially tied the knot sometime in 2017 in a private ceremony at an undisclosed destination.

Grace Seo Chang and David Chang
Grace Seo Chang and David Chang
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Moreover, judging by an interview David gave after their wedding, there are strong indications that the couple may have courted for a long time before making things official. According to the chef who is apparently in a happier place, his relationship with Grace Seo is the longest and deepest ever. He also revealed that he and Grace eloped but did not divulge further information about the circumstances that led to their wild romance. More so, it is uncertain if they have any kids yet or are planning to do so in the near future. The couple has so far done a good job at keeping details of their personal lives under the radar. But if David’s demeanour in recent years is anything to go by, then it is safe to say he and Grace have found true love in each other’s arms. Together, they continue to wax strong with no signs to the contrary.

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While there is no information about Grace Seo Chang’s dating history, her celebrity husband David had made headlines with his romance in the past. Prior to Grace, chef Chang was romantically linked to a Sydney lady called Gloria Lee. Between 2012 and 2013, the duo was believed to be a perfect match as their romance even grew into an engagement. To further confirm the reports, Lee posted a photo of her diamond ring on Instagram back then. Sadly, just when fans thought the couple was about to settle in forever, Chang revealed that his relationship with Lee had gone south and they never made it to the altar. However, the chef did not disclose the circumstances that led to their breakup.

  • Surprise Wedding Cake

As earlier hinted, Grace and David eloped and got married secretly. However, in the aforementioned 2017 interview, Grace Seo Chang’s husband revealed that top chef Christina Tosi, the mastermind behind David’s Momofuku Milk Bar, somehow got wind of the couple’s wedding location and surprised them with a delicious cake at the private ceremony. The chocolate chip passion fruit cake is not just a famous Milk Bar special but also David’s favorite cake. Christina’s good gesture was apparently appreciated as Chang later adjudged it to be the best Milk Bar cake!

  • Social Media

Given her very private lifestyle, it is surprising to know that Grace Seo Chang has an active social media life. While she may not be present on all popular sites, our investigations reveal she has an active Instagram account. But in her usual manner, Grace does not give much information away on the platform. Besides pictures of her pet, she also shares that of her travels and a few photos of herself and David with fans.

  • Animal Lover

If Grace Seo Chang’s social media account is anything to go by, then it is safe to say she is an animal lover. She owns and loves a dog, Seve as a pet and proudly floods her Instagram account with pictures of the cute Dog.

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