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Greg Kelly is a foremost American TV journalist. He has worked as a correspondent and anchored several news shows. One of them is Good Day New York, a morning show on WNYW Fox 5. He co-anchored the show for nine years and endeared himself to many with his intelligence, good looks and ability to keep things real. Find out more about Kelly here including his bio and career achievements as well as other interesting facts about him.


Gregory Raymond Kelly was born on the 17th of December 1968 in Garden City New York. His father’s name is Raymond W. Kelly while his mother’s name is Veronica. He also has a brother named Jim Kelly. Kelly’s dad is a career cop and served as the commissioner of police of New York for two terms (1992 to 1994, 2002 to 2013). Greg Kelly grew up in Garden City and completed his elementary and high school education there. After that, he moved to Fordham University (NYC) where he studied Political Science. He obtained his B.A. in the year 1991.

On leaving college, Greg Kelly did not immediately go into journalism. Rather he followed his father and grandfather’s footsteps into the U.S. marines. Kelly spent the next nine years both in active and reserve duty. As a member of the marines, he was an attack pilot and specialized in flying the AV-8B Harrier Jet. Kelly made 158 aircraft carrier landings and was part of Operation Southern Watch. The operation enforced the U.N. no fly zone over Iraq.

Career Achievements

Greg Kelly left active military service in the late 90s and subsequently commenced his journalism career. His first stop was a TV station in Binghamton (New York) where he anchored a morning news program. He subsequently joined another TV station, NY1, where he covered politics as well as the 9/11 attacks.

Greg Kelly joined Fox News Channel in 2002. He provided extensive and exclusive coverage of the second Iraq War starting in 2003. In 2005, he was made a White House correspondent and held that post until 2007. Kelly joined Good Day New York as co-anchor in 2008. The program covered news, traffic and weather reports. It also featured interviews with public figures. Kelly cultivated a dedicated fan base during his time on the show. He took a final bow from the show in September 2017.

What happened to him?

Since leaving Good Day New York, Greg Kelly has not joined any other TV show. This has left many fans wondering about what happened to him. Many have also wondered what he is up to now. The answer is that Kelly is taking things slow as far as his professional life is concerned.

He has disclosed that he is developing a new TV show which he hopes to launch in the nearest future. Additionally, Kelly has not revealed the reason while he left Good Day New York. He has attributed his inability to do so to contractual obligations and NDAs.

Greg Kelly
Image SourceGreg Kelly and wife Judith Grey

Greg Kelly’s Wife

Greg Kelly is doing quite well in his personal life. He tied the knot with an Australian lady named Judith Grey in 2017. Grey is a freelance creative director in advertising. She is originally from Melbourne and has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She also has a B.Sc. in Neuroscience from Columbia.

Judith Grey has made a name for herself in the advertising industry. She has developed innovative campaigns for big brands such as Pfizer. Kelly and Judith got to know each other through a mutual friend in 2015.

They had their first date at a Manhattan restaurant in December 2015. During the date, they got talking and found that they liked each other. They commenced a relationship and were together for more than a year before splitting up in March 2017. The split was caused by the fact that Grey wanted to settle down while Kelly was commitment-phobic.

The couple eventually settled their differences and got back together in October 2017. Their nuptials took place on the 12th of November 2017 at the University Club of New York. The ceremony featured about 200 guests and was officiated by former New York mayor, David Dinkins.

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Other facts About Greg Kelly

* He was the first TV journalist to show pictures of American soldiers on Iraqi soil during the 2003 invasion.

* He was also the first journalist to provide pictorial report of American soldiers storming Saddam Hussein’s presidential palace.

* Kelly once sustained a minor shrapnel injury during his time as an embedded army reporter in Iraq.

* He attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps reserves.

* Apart from being a military pilot, Kelly is also a licensed commercial pilot.

* A lady accused Kelly of sexual assault in January 2012. The Manhattan D.A. Office however ruled that the presented facts did not constitute a crime.

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