Grimmmz – Biography, Girlfriend and Everything You Need To Know

Grimmmz is a very popular American video game streaming personality who is well known across the world for his skills and ability in playing very difficult video games. Over the years, the gamer has acquired a cult-like following by other gamers, many of which have subscribed to his streaming channels to learn a few tips and tricks about how to get better at playing their favorite video games.

Grimmmz – Biography

Grimmmz, who is also fondly referred to as Mr. Grimmmz, was born in California, on the 7th of January, 1988, as Brian Rincon. Not very much information is available about his parents, siblings, and childhood, as the information that the gamer regularly gives out is about his gaming career, video games reviews, etc.

From a very young age, Grimmmz developed his passion for playing video games, and as he grew up, he always found time to engage in his favorite pass time. Over the years, he realized that a lot of gamers were making videos about their skills and posting it online, and when the opportunity presented itself to him, he has been making videos of himself playing very technical and difficult video games, showing off his skills to those willing to watch him do it.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

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Grimmmz is very secretive about his love life. He has never shared any information about having a girlfriend as most of his posts have been about video games and his video game streaming adventures. The dearth of information about his love life has got the rumor mills working on overdrive with some claiming that he is gay, while others believe he is a gaming nerd that has no social life whatsoever.

Our findings, however, reveal that all rumors about Grimmmz are not true, in fact, it is believed that he is married to a fellow gamer on the Twitch streaming platform known simply as Caliverse. Caliverse’s real name, as listed on one of her profiles, is Brianna Sharon Rincon. If it is not a coincidence that the two share a surname, then there is a huge possibility that they are indeed a couple.

Brian and Brianna are believed to have gotten married a few years back in a very secret ceremony that probably had only family members in attendance. They have never posted pictures of themselves together on their individual social media handles, nor shared any public information about their marriage.

Caliverse marks her birthday on March 15 every year, but her exact year of birth is undisclosed. She has almost 72,000 followers on her Twitch platform and she streams almost every day.

Everything You Need To Know

Grimmmz has tried all his best to keep his private life away from the public space, but here are a few more things that we know about him.

Net Worth and Salary

Grimmmz occupation as a streamer has been his major source of income. His fanbase has grown to over 10 thousand followers and that number is set to increase in the coming years as more subscribers have hit the like and follow button on his handle. By estimates, the gamer rakes in a monthly income of about Thirty-Five Thousand dollars which is not inclusive of his tournament winnings, endorsement deals or commercials. His net worth, however, has not been disclosed as of now.


Although Mr. Grimmmz is a very talented video game player, there is an unpleasant side to his personality that has made a lot of fellow gamers and fans turn on him, dubbing him as being too egotistical and being incapable of handling criticisms – even constructive ones.

The Twitch star often trash talks anyone whose avatar gets killed while anyone who manages to kill his own avatar gets tagged as a cheat. One unpleasant habit he has is his penchant of over-analyzing games he lost and giving excuses for his loss. His inability to handle criticism constructively have seen him ban fellow gamers and blocking them from following him. His attitude is perceived as repugnant and childish.

Soon enough, those displeased with Mr. Grimmmz’s antics made videos about him, pointing out his many flaws and dismissing the defensive excuses that he makes any time he is defeated by an opponent. These videos grew astronomically which further upset Grimmmz although he has used his influence as a Twitch Star in deleting some of the negative videos, threatening to leave the PUGB game streaming platform that he was on, and take his skills and followers elsewhere if the platform did not grant him the right to report and ban anyone that he feels is cheating and too critical of him.

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Social Media Presence

Grimmmz has over 945,000 followers on his Twitch platform, while his Twitter handle has a little over 100,000 followers. He has close to 300,000 followers on the Social Blade gaming platform and is also active on Youtube, where over 250,000 people have subscribed to his channel.

Tournaments Won

Grimmmz is a full-time video game playing streamer and has won a few tournaments till date. He was the winner of the 1st official PUGB invitational tournament and 1st winner of the H1Z1 Invitational tournament.


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