GSA: This Mother And Son Want To Get Married And They Say It’s A Psychology Thing

A mother and son in Britain admitted last week that they had a sexual relationship and have subsequently been forced into hiding after warnings that they could face a 15 year prison sentence. The two however defend their relationship as not being incestuous but rather something known as Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA)

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The woman, Kim West and her son, Ben Ford who are 51 years and 32 years old respectively, live in Michigan and have been involved in this incestuous relationship since 2014. They had met for the first time that year because Ms West had put her son up for adoption just a week after he was born. Ms West had become pregnant while studying in California when she was 19, she had given the boy up for adoption after which she had returned to the UK.


Mr Ford who had been married and living in Colorado as at 2013, wrote to his mother in an attempt to track down his biological parents. About a year later, Mr Ford, a freelance computer coder left his wife to begin living with his mother in Michigan.

In Michigan state, consensual incestuous relationships between adults are a third degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The offenders would also be required to sign a sex offenders register for life. This fact has forced the two into hiding when warnings from the authorities assured that they would be forced to investigate their relationship if the public alerted them to it. A spokeswoman from the Michigan State police told reporters that she was not aware of a complaint about the couple.

Incestuous relationship

By way of defense, the couple insist that their relationship is not incest but Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA); a term coined by Barbara Gonyo in the late 1980s to refer to sexual attraction between close relatives who meet first at adults. In a book she wrote about the subject, Ms Gonyo who was the founder of Truth Seekers in Adoption, a Chicago-based support group for adoptees and their new found relatives, says romantic and erotic arousal maybe the delayed consequence of “missed bonding” that normally takes place between a mother and her new born infant, or between siblings, had they not been separated by adoption.

Hinging their attraction on this GSA phenomenon, the couple say they would like to marry and have children.

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