Gugu Khathi Is Famous As DJ Tira’s Wife – Here’s Everything We Know About Her

Gugu Khathi is a serial entrepreneur, businesswoman and social media influencer best known for being DJ Tira’s wife. She is a native of the famous Zulu kingdom in South Africa.

Beyond the achievements she has made on her own, a lot of people know her only for being the wife of the famous music star but from our findings, there’s a lot more to Gugu than what is available to the public. Indeed there is, and her success story in life tells a lot about how hardworking she is.

Gugu Khathi’s Journey To Fame

Gugu studied at Princess High School before heading to Unisa, the University of South Africa, where she did a major in psychology. She grew up in Gauteng Soweto where she began her career as a Mfikizolo dancer, who would have believed that she will return to open a dancing school in Soweto.

Gugu Khathi tried acting but obtained little success, she later opened a beauty salon and spa in Ruimsig which became the most popular in the community. Her list of ventures still goes a long way, she was also involved in marketing and journalism. She later ventured into the real estate business and was successful. Today, Gugu Khathi owns several lands and properties.

Gugu Khathi
Gugu Khathi

Gugu is known for her strength, charisma, and intelligence in making incredible investments, she is a business mogul who ensures she grabs every good opportunity that shows up on her doorstep. She is also a social influencer with millions of fans on Instagram.

She became more popular due to her participation in the famous reality TV show ‘The Real Housewife of Joburg’. Gugu has been involved in a few scandals, she was charged with assault to a fellow house member, fortunately, this negative news took a twist of fate which led to a better PR for her. Gugu Khathi is also not forgetting to give back to other women; she has been holding lots of seminars and sponsoring programs to help women who are hoping to rise to fame.

Inside The Love Story Of Gugu Khathi and Dj Tira

Dj Tira was married to a South African woman ‘Lale Ngcobo’. They were married for two years before they both filed for a divorce. Ngcobo has not been in the spotlight for a while, although she has been seen at a Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal-based bar where she works as a manager.

Today Tira is married to Gugu Khathi and their love seems to wax stronger everyday. Although the couple has refused to share how their love story began, many have guessed that Tira must have met Gugu during one of his performances in the country. This may not be far from the truth because Tira tours through the country due to the nature of his job.

No doubt the couple has experienced strains during their relationship, but they seem to get it right back on track every time. Tira has come on social media several times to rain praises on his wife’s unwavering support in his career and their family.

Gugu Khathi and Dj Tira Formalized Their Union In 2018

Gugu Khathi and DJ Tira

The couple has been together for twenty years but was legally united in 2018. They ensured they carried out the marriage rites by performing the Umabo which is a traditional ceremony among the Zulu people. During this ceremony, the bride introduces her husband to her ancestor in a cow slaughtering ritual and celebration. This is done after the white wedding, and according to the Zulu culture, you are not recognized as a married person without performing the Umabo ceremony.

It seems the ancestors’ blessings have been on the couple because their love seems to grow stronger. Tira has said in several interviews that his greatest wish is to grow old with Gugu and to always remain a responsible father to his children.

They Are Raising Three Kids Together

Tira and Gugu Khathi have three beautiful children, two boys. Junior Khati and Chase Khathi, and a girl Chichi Khathi. Junior is currently pursuing a career that has been kept away from the press, Chase and Chichi are both in high school.

Tira has been nothing less than a responsible father and husband to his family, although he has admitted there were times he disappeared but he always found himself coming back. Gugu also agreed that there was a time Tira had the party life so deep in him and this caused a strain on their relationship. To keep the relationship healthy, Dj Tira has learned to resist beautiful women and remain focused on his family.

Gugu Khathi has been an inspiration and model to several women, her ability to keep her business soaring and also ensure her family affairs stay healthy remains a great plus to the celebrity.

Scandals and Court Charges They Have Been Through

Gugu Khathi and her husband Tira were charged for assault by their neighbor O’neil, who accused them of physically assaulting her. Although Gugu claimed a hammer was thrown on her son’s car from the O’neil’s house when he drove past the house and when she approached the family, they gave her an attitude and hit her first. Gugu has accused the O’neils of harassing their son Benjamin, taking videos of him outside the estate and calling him all manner of names. Gugu has tried to secure a protection order in court but didn’t succeed. Gugu and Tira believe the neighbors are only envious because they live a flamboyant lifestyle.

Gugu Khathi was also involved in another assault charge with a fellow real housewife of Joburg star Christall Kay who claims that Gugu walked up to her in the club and punched her in the eyes. She claimed she didn’t pose any threat to the fellow housemate but wondered why Gugu would just walk up to her while she was sitting and land a punch on her face.

Christall Kay claims the assault was caught on camera and she is ready to press charges against Gugu Khathi and another RHOJ cast member who aided her with the attack. Gugu has come on social media to dispute Christall Kay’s claims, she opened up to her fans on Instagram that she had a physical altercation with Christall but she claims that she did so based on self-defense.


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