GWSN (South Korean Girls Group) – Members Profile, Info & Trivia

Following its inception in 2018, South Korean girls group GWSN is gradually beginning to make waves in the K-pop industry. Kiwi Pop, a division of Kiwi Media Company formed the band on 14th June 2018 and they officially debuted on 5th September of the same year with an EP titled The Park in the Night Part One. Unlike several other K-pop groups, GWSN comprises members from different countries, making it a multinational band. So far, the group is most popular for songs like “Puzzle Moon”, “Pinky Star” and “Red Sun”. Let’s have a closer look at her members otherwise called, “Girls in the Park”.

GWSN Members Profile

Seoryoung – Band Leader

gwsn Seoryoung
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Seoryoung is the leader of the band and also serves as the main vocalist. She was born as Lee Seoryoung on 26th January 2000 in Masan, South Korea. She goes by the nickname “Fairy Leader”. Seoryoung’s music career started from her school days when she came 2nd in a music competition. She subsequently participated in a national audition tour which earned her a spot in GWSN.

Seoryoung collaborated with Dongwoon from Highlight in the single, “Color Me”. In addition to singing, she plays the guitar and writes songs. Aside from Korean, she is fluent in Japanese.

Miya – Main Dancer

gwsn miya
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Miya is the main dancer on GWSN. She, however, also works as a rapper and vocalist. Miya was born on 26th May 1993, making her 26 as of 2019 and the oldest member of the group. She is almost seven years older than the band’s second oldest member, Seokyoung who was born in January 2000. Miya is Japanese. She was born as Miyauchi Haruka in Shizuoka, Japan.

Miya’s journey with Kiwi Pop began after she auditioned for the agency while studying at Acopia Lifelong Education Center in Hongdae, Seoul. Before debuting with GWSN, she was a member of VIXX’s pre-debut cover group, Baxx. Aside from singing and dancing, Miya is good at drawing and playing softball. She goes by the nickname, “Yamiyamisang”, often shortened as Yami.

Seokyoung – GWSN Lead Rapper

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Seokyoung is GWSN’s lead rapper. She is, however, also a main dancer and vocalist. She was born in Ulsan, South Korea on 16th April 1999 as Kim Seokyoung.

Seokyoung joined Wiki Pop in 2014. After training for two years, she contested on Mnet’s survival TV show, Produce 101, finishing in the 30th position. Following the program, she spent two more years with the agency before debuting with GWSN. Seokyoung loves doing dance covers, beauty styling and solving math problems. She speaks little Japanese and goes by the nickname, Sunshine.

Anne – Main Rapper

anne gwsn
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Born on 17th October 2000, Anne is a main rapper and vocalist on GWSN. Her birth name is Lee Seoyoung but bandmates nicknamed her “mood lightning”.

In addition to singing, Anne is an actress and has appeared in several music videos and short films. She studied at the Hanlim Multi Art School, graduating in February 2019. She also plays the piano.

Minju – GWSN Lead Vocalist

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In addition to being the lead vocalist, Minju is a rapper and lead dancer. She is as well the face of the group (visual), considering her pretty looks. Minju was born on 11th March 2011 in Mansan, South Korea. His real name is Kang Minju. She is, however, nicknamed Mindoongie.

Minju’s passion for becoming a K-pop idol dates back to her middle school days. However, before joining Wiki Pop, she initially trained with SD Entertainment. In addition to singing and dancing, she enjoys playing the piano. She is a student at Hanlim Multi Art School.

Soso – GWSN Lead Dancer

gwsn soso
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Soso’s real name is Wang Chingyi. She was born in Taiwan on 14th March 2001. She, however, moved to Korea after earning a spot at Kiwi Pop. Prior to her relocation, she took classes in the Korean language. Soso attended the Juang Jing Vocational School located in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. It was during her study at Juang Jing, that she auditioned for Kiwi Pop through one of her school’s talent show. She also serves as the group’s vocalist.

Prior to GWSN debut, Soso sustained a leg injury that did not allow her to join her bandmates in some of their pre-debut busking shows. Soso is very good at making facial expressions and posing for photoshoots real fast, earning her the nickname, “pose vending machine”.

Lena – Maknae

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Lena serves as a main vocalist and center on GWSN. Born as Kang Lena on 17th April 2002 in Seoul, South Korea, she is the youngest member of the band. She goes by the nickname, “Ostrich Chick”.

Lena collaborated with British singer Jack Walton in releasing a single titled “We Need a Change”. Meanwhile, she is the only band member that speaks English fluently having studied in the U.S. She attends the Hanlim Multi Art School.

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Info & Trivia about GSWN, the South Korean Girls Group

1. GWSN is short for Gongwon Sonyeo. Gongwon they say, literally means “park” (a place of enjoyment, healing, and dreams). The band name is also interpreted as the initials for Ground, West, South, and North which means that GWSN aims at reaching people from every direction of the world with their music.

2. All members of GWSN featured in their pre-debut reality Tv show titled Got Ya! GWSN.

3. In 2018, GWSN won the New Artist Award. The same year, they received nominations for Artist of the Year and Best New Female Artist.

4. In 2019, the group received four award nominations, namely – The Top Artist GWSN, The Female New Artist, Genie Music Popularity Award, and the Global Popularity Award.

5. GWSN’s official accounts per are @kiwipop_gwsn (twitter), @kiwipop_gwsn (Instagram), 공원소녀 GWSN Official (YouTube), kiwipop.gwsn (Facebook), GWSN (Fancafe), GOT YA! GWSN (V Live), and 公园少女 GWSN Official weibo.

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