Is Hal Holbrook Still Married To Dixie Carter, How Did They Meet, Facts About His Family?

The union between celebrities has been common practice for many years. The excitement their relationship or marriage stirs is mostly welcomed by their loyal fans world over, one of the sweethearts of the movies industry whose union was not exempted from the norm is Hal Holbrook and Dixie Carter who both tied the knot in 1984. The amazing couple became admired not only among fans but by colleagues.

Holbrook through the years gained prominence as an actor, writer, and director. He played several important roles in different TV series and films including the one-man show Mark Twain Tonight, Sons of Anarchy (2010),  Fire and Rescue (2014), and Men of Honor (200) among others. Dixie Carter, on the other hand, was known for her fantastic artistic display in musical stage productions including Designing Women (1986-1993).

A Brief Bio of Hal Holbrook

Hal Holbrook whose original given name is Harold Rowe Holbrook Jr at birth on February 17, 1925, grew up with his grandparents. Academically, Hal excelled in Culver Military Academy and later studied acting in New York at the HB Studio.

Holbrook’s career kicked off when he played the role of Twain at a college in Pennsylvania in 1954 and was observed by Ed Sullivan, a TV presenter who gave him a platform to grow his trade, from there he became famed from the Ed Sullivan show in 1956.

From the stage, Hal Holbrook branched out to the screens. With over sixty-nine years and counting in the industry, Halbrook’s artistry has earned him several award nominations including a number of Primetime Emmy Awards, an Academy Award in 2007 among others.

How Hal Holbrook Met Dixie Carter

Hal Holbrook and Dixie Carter’s career path were the same so naturally, they worked together in projects in the glamorous industry. They first met on the set of a television film The Killing of Randy Webster in 1980. Four years later, with profound connection, laced with workable chemistry filled with love and respect, they were married in 1984. Both had experienced two failed marriages before they met. Some of their other movie collaboration are Designing Women and That Evening Sun.

Is Hal Holbrook Still Married To Dixie Carter

They made a vow to remain together until death did that part and this was exactly the case with the lovely couple. After two decades and six years together, their marriage ended with Carter’s death. Dixie Carter passed away in Houston Texas, on the 10th of April, 2010. She died as a result of endometrial cancer which she was diagnosed with the same year. She has long been laid to rest at McLemoresville, Tennessee.

Dixie Carter was born on 15th May 1939 and completed her studies from the University of Memphis as well as Rhodes College. In her career, she gained recognition through her roles in Filthy Rich (1982), Designing Women (1986-1993), and Desperate Housewives (2006-2007).

Hal Holbrook
Hal Holbrook with his late wife Dixie Carter image source

Facts About Hal Holbrook’s Family

His Parents Neglected Him And His Siblings

Holbrook is the son of Harold Holbrook Snr and Aileen Holbrook nee Davenport who was a professional dancer. Both of his biological parents left him and two older sisters in the care of his grandparents when Hal clocked about two years, as they went off to focus on their careers.

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He Was Thrice Married

Halbrook was married three times. In 1945, he wedded a Canadian actress known as Ruby Elaine Johnstone but sadly their union crashed in 1965. Hal Holbrook then became besotted to Carol Eve Rossen, she is an actress and a daughter to the writer and director, Robert Rossen. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce after thirteen years in 1983. Following the two failed marriages, Hal Holbrook married the singer and actress Dixie Carter in 1984.

How Many Children Does Hal Holbrook Have?

The blue-eyed actor’s first two marriages produced three children while his third brought him two more children birthed by Dixie in her previous marriage. The names of his biological children are David Holbrook, Victoria Holbrook, and Eve Holbrook. Although not much has been heard of them, reports have it that David Holbrook has graced a number of productions such as Creepshow 2 (1987), Girls Night Out (1982), and Deadly Illusion (1987).

His stepchildren are not doing badly either, Ginna Carter chose acting, her noteworthy works include Family Law (1999), Family Stone (2005), Agent X (2015); while her sister Mary Dixie Carter like her sister is also an actress. She appeared in Crosswalk (1999) and Funny Valentine (2005).

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