Haleigh Hughes – Everything To Know About Nick Mullens Wife

Life in the full glare of the paparazzi dotted with showbiz and flamboyancy is without a doubt beautiful but not without its many limitations especially when inquisitive fans want to know everything about their favorite celebs. Wife of popular NFL quarter-back Nick Mullen caught the attention of the media when her connection to the player came to light. This is especially because her husband Nick Mullen had a remarkable time with San Francisco’s 49ers after stunning the football world with his impressive first performance against the Raiders. Haleigh Hughes, the proud wife of Nick Mullen has not allowed her career be dampened by the fame that she achieved by marriage, here is all you should really know about her.

Haleigh Hughe’s Biography

Haleigh Hughes was born on March 24, 1994, in Mississippi as the oldest of the three children of her parents Kellie and Kiley Hughes. Her father Kellie Hughe was a baseball player and both parents saw to it that their kids got the proper basic education. Haleigh Hughes had her high school education at Ocean Springs and graduated in 2012. She advanced her studies in Liberal arts and science with a minor in Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi. She was an active cheerleading squad member among many other things before she graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Her experience in cheerleading saw her become an instructor at the Universal Cheerleaders Association where Haleigh Hughes cheered from 2012 until long after school when she took up the job of managing a classroom as a 4th-grade teacher in Oak Grove Upper elementary.

Everything To Know About Nick Mullen’s Wife


Haleigh Hughes comes from a proud family of five which is made up of her two siblings and her parents, who ensured that she enjoyed the warmth of a family. As often as she could, Haleigh has always shown how proud she is of her loving family by sharing pictures of the amazing moments they have on her social media account.

Haleigh Hughes’ Husband – Nick Mullen

The romance between Nick Mullen and Haleigh Hughes started way back while the two were in high school on the school football team; Haleigh as the ‘Southern Miss’ cheerleader and Nick Mullen as a player. They kicked off a relationship proper in 2015 and eventually got married in July 2017. Their marriage has been very successful as both parties have cheered each other up in their different careers.

Nick Mullen’s career kicked off in the NFL after an impressive performance in college when he was signed by the 49ers as a fourth quarterback. His breakthrough as a player came in November 2018 when three quarterbacks were off the game due to injuries and he was left to play the fourth quarterback. This gave Mullen the space to make his NFL debut and prove his worth to the coaches, which he did. He was very impressive as he completed 22 passes for 262yards, with three touchdowns and zero interceptions, thereby leading his team to a 34-3 victory.

The game attracted very good attention and announced him to fans, fellow sportsmen, and every interested party. Since then, his career took off and has only seen good success. He received the precious blue tick confirmation mark moments before the end of the game as fans followed him en masse.

Haleigh Hughes on her part has been highly supportive of her husband’s career as she has occasionally cheered him via social media on his impressive performances. The couple moved to California following Mullen’s contract with the 49ers, they have a beloved dog named Scout.

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Height and Body Measurement

There is no denying that Haleigh is a beautiful woman with well-carved body curves, ravishing good looks, and a good height. The right data on her body height and weight has been kept away from the public as the couple seem to be a bit off social media and are keen to keep the media off their personal lives.

Haleigh Hughes’ Net worth

Despite the power and wealth that comes with being related to a celebrity or being a celebrity, Haleigh managed to hold on to her passion for teaching as long as possible. However, because of her movement with Nick, she eventually had to drop her duties as a teacher but has made it clear that she will pick it up again in the future. Because of this, there is no specific figure for her net worth, but she shares her husband’s worth of $0.5 million which is on the increase.


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