Riveting Facts About Hallie Biden’s Marriage to Beau, Her Children and Love Story With Hunter 

Hallie Biden is an American educator who once served as a guidance counsellor at Archmere Academy. She studied at The Tatnall School, where she worked in a similar role before hitting the limelight as one of the women in the sprawling Biden family.

She first joined the family as the wife of Beau Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s first son. Since then, Hallie Biden’s name has only risen in popularity through various national controversies, notably her relationship with Hunter, his brother.

Hallie Biden and Beau Biden were Married for 12 Years

Born on November 30, 1974, to Ron and Joan Oliver, there is still a dearth of information about the early days of her relationship with Beau Biden. So far, all we know is they got married in 2002 during an intimate ceremony in Nantucket. They got engaged the previous year, after Beau, who was then a lawyer working in the United States Department of Justice, proposed at the Biden Family Thanksgiving.

Their marriage lasted twelve years, from 2002 to 2015. During this period Hallie Biden was a rock beside her husband, as his political career developed over the years. He served in the military, then became Attorney General of Delaware, serving two terms.

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Aside from being a pillar during his political ascent, Hallie and Beau were also parents to two children – Natalie, and Robert Hunter Biden II.

Her Husband, Beau Died After a Battle with Brain Cancer

In May 2010, Beau Biden got admitted to Christina Hospital in Newark, Delaware after suffering from a mild stroke. Three years later, he got diagnosed with brain cancer. With Hallie by his side and the support of the entire Biden family, he went through the treatment process, including radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy.

It appeared to have worked and was in remission until it returned in 2015. Beau was hospitalized again on May 20, 2015, at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Ten days later, he died on May 30. The family held his funeral in Wilmington, Delaware with President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and a host of other dignitaries in attendance.

Their Children Have Taken a Cursory Peek into Politics

Unlike their parents and grandfather and possibly, every other adult in the Biden family, Hallie and Beau Biden’s children live outside the spotlight. There has been little insight into their lives thus far, with the mild exception during Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential run.

Natalie Biden Had Her Confirmation Ceremony at 16

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Natalie Biden is one of seven grandchildren of the former Vice President, Joe Biden. She was born on August 4, 2004, two years after her parents’ marriage. She first came onto the spotlight in September 2020, when her grandfather attended her confirmation ceremony. They held the ceremony at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Roman Catholic Church.

Later in the same month, she made her first public foray into politics. She featured in a Democratic National Convention (DNC) video, where she introduced and shared details of her relationship with her grandmother, Jill Biden. In it, she described her as a prankster and a mischievous person whom she loves. Considering she is still a teenager; it is too early to say if her involvement in politics will be temporary or permanent.

Robert Hunter Biden II was Named After His Uncle

Hallie and Beau Biden’s second and last child, Robert Hunter Biden II, was named after his uncle, Hunter Biden. Like his sister, he has done most of his growing up outside of media attention. That is until he came onto the spotlight as part of the family’s contribution to Joe Biden’s run in the 2020 Presidential Election.

In another DNC video, he popped up among all the grandchildren, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He was also at her sister’s confirmation ceremony in September. As for possible involvement in politics, his story is similar to her sister’s, and we will just have to wait and see.

The Grief over the Loss of Beau Brought Hallie and Hunter Biden Together

Following the death of Beau Biden and Hunter’s divorce from Kathleen Biden after two decades of marriage, Hallie and Hunter had one thing in common – grief. Hunter first turned to drugs and alcohol before a visit to the Hamptons with Hallie in 2016 drew them closer.

Presumably, while there, they connected over their shared pain, and he subsequently began spending most nights at her house. It was an affair all the while he was struggling with addiction to crack. However, after he made his way to a rehab centre and then a resort spa in Arizona, Hallie flew to meet him, and they became an official couple.

Joe Biden Learned of their Relationship from the Press

Initially, as most people would do in such circumstance, Hallie and Hunter Biden tried to keep their relationship a secret. However, they failed to do so. In February 2017, news of their relationship broke and the family’s patriarch, Joe Biden, learned of the affair after he was called by for a comment.

The story understandably sparked controversy in the media and was the subject of multiple debates on social media platforms. However, following a statement by Joe, who gave his backing to their relationship, the story quieted down. Based on a public statement from Hunter and Hallie, the rest of the family also supported them.

While they were together, they raised their children together. Hunter had three children, Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy, with Kathleen before their divorce.

Hallie and Hunter Biden Parted Ways After Two Years

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Even though their immediate families were supportive of their relationship, according to Hunter, the story was not the same outside of the Biden wall. In a July 2019 interview with The New Yorker, he admitted the couple got ‘sh*t from everybody, all the time.’

In August 2017, after it became public, the couple tried to normalize their relationship. Hunter and Hallie Biden moved to Annapolis, Maryland with her two children to build a family. But they struggled to gain wider acceptance and Hunter opted to leave in early 2018. However, news of their official separation did not break until April 2019.

After he left in 2018, Hunter relocated to Los Angeles to move away from media attention. While he was there, he met Melissa Cohen, a filmmaker from South Africa, in May 2019. He proposed after their first date, and they got married a week after.

As for Hallie, there have been zero developments about her love life since her relationship with Hunter ended. For now, Hallie appears to be fine staying outside of the spotlight.


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