Beau and Hallie Biden
Beau and Hallie Biden

Two years after losing her husband (Beau Biden) to the cold hands of death, Hallie Biden hit the headlines again, this time not as the wife of the oldest son of a well inclined political home but as the lover of the younger son, Hunter Biden. There were a few reactions to her choice of love but she kept on with the relationship for two years before Hunter remarried another woman.

Meanwhile, Hallie never showed any sign of infidelity to Beau while he was alive. She stood by him and fought through his cancer experience before he passed on in 2015. Together they shared two amazing children who are growing up to look just like their late dad. Read on to find out more about her in this article.

Facts About Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s Ex-Wife

Hallie Biden’s Background and Age

She is one of the children born to Ron Oliver and Joan Oliver. She was born on the 30th day in the month of November 1974 and named Hallie K. Oliver. She was a scholar at Tatnall school where she was quite sociable and topnotch with her academics.

Sadly, apart from the above-stated information, there is very limited information about her early life as well as if she ever went to college.

Her Career

Career-wise, Hallie Biden has been reported to have worked in Tatnall, the school she attended while she was younger representing the school as a guidance counselor. She later vacated her position to work as an admission officer in a yet to be named school.

Hallie Biden’s Marriage and Children with Beau Biden

Hallie Biden married the oldest son of former US Vice President Joe Biden in 2002 following their engagement the previous year. Her marriage with Beau Biden, the lawyer, politician, and officer in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps lasted some years during which they bore children. In 2004, the couple had their first child Natalie and in 2006, they had their second child, a son called Hunter.

As time passed in their marriage, Beau Biden took ill, suffered from a mild stroke and was later diagnosed with brain cancer. Unfortunately in 2015, after long years of suffering from ill-health, Beau died in Bethesda, Maryland. His burial was attended by people of high esteem in America including the former United States of America President Barrack Obama and his family amidst numerous other attendees who came to pay their last respect.

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What was Beau Biden Known for?

Late Beau Biden was born on February 3, 1969, as Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III. He was the oldest of Joe Biden’s children. Until his death, he was an accomplished lawyer, an Attorney General of Delaware, as well as an officer in the Delaware Army National Guard. He served both in his home country and Iraq in 2008 before he passed on in 2015.

Hallie’s Relationship with Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden
Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden

Following the death of Beau Biden and the divorce of Hunter Biden the younger brother of Beau, Hallie and Hunter had one thing in common – grieve! Hunter, however, turned his pain into an affair with his late brother’s wife; Hallie Biden in 2017.

Of course, there were a lot of unreserved reactions about their relationship. In fact, while the relationship was still on a low key, several social media platforms were filled with people’s reactions. Also, the immediate family seemed to have little or no problem with the affair, several reports made it known that Joe Biden and other members of the family gave their approval of the relationship. Meanwhile, in the course of their affair, Hunter Biden and Hallie raised their children together. Unfortunately, Hunter and Beau’s affair lasted just for two years before he eventually got into a relationship with a South African woman based in America.

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What is Hallie Biden’s Net Worth?

Although married into a wealthy home, it is quite difficult to ascertain Hallie Biden’s net worth, she has never disclosed her earnings to any media house and has chosen to keep this part of her life private. That notwithstanding, we know that she once worked as a guidance counselor and subsequently became an admission officer.

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However, some sources have claimed that her net worth lies within the range of $500,000 and $750,000. Moreso, no one knows if she gained any property from her late husband.

Her Height and Weight

Hallie is a mother of two who has managed to keep her physique in check. She is quite tall; 5 feet 8 inches with a weight of 62 Kg.

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