Harare Riot: Road Blocks, Police Clash And More

Zimbabwe police and some rioting mini bus drivers clashed at Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare some hours ago.

The Harare riot is said to have originated as a result of police harassment. The bus drivers claim the Zimbabwe police usually set up road blocks where they demand bribes from the drivers.

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The rioters blocked the road leading up to the centre of Harare, they also hurled stones and things at the police and their vehicles. The police tried to disperse the crowd by using tear gas and water canons to no avail.

The roadblocks have received a lot of criticism recently and the police promised to reduce the number of road blocks. However it seems that has not happened as the bus drivers were intensely angry that the Zim police could not even negotiate with them.

The Zim police stated that they have arrested some protesters believed to be responsible for inciting the Harare riot.

Harare riot

“We have information and intelligence on the identities of some criminal elements who are behind the social unrest,” police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said at a news conference.

Protests like this are very uncommon in Zimbabwe. Actually, they used to be uncommon until lately. More Zimbabweans are taking to the streets now to protest the hardships which they go through daily.

There have been protests calling for the 92-year-old Robert Mugabe to step down as president, due to his inability to turn the economic situation of Zimbabwe around.

The supporters of Mugabe also launched a counter attack, showing support for the nonagenarian and his ambition to run for the presidential election in 2018.

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Some government workers have also voiced the probability of going on strike for the Zim government’s inability to pay their June salaries.

In some other part of Zimbabwe, protesters burned down a warehouse at Beitbridge against the government’s decision to ban some imports.