A Look At Harry Connick’s Mastery of The Different Forms of Art, Accumulated Wealth and Family

Harry Connick Jr. is one of those highly accomplished individuals you cannot help but doff your hat for. He is an award-winning musician, actor, and composer who has released multiple successful albums, as well as featured in several popular movies. He has also extended his acting talents to the stage and small screen. There is seemingly nothing that this man cannot do.

Not only does Harry have a diversified resume, on the personal front, he is also an accomplished family man, with a woman he has been married to for more than 25 years. A life like this is uncommon, and we take an in-depth at how he built it all.

Harry Connick Jr.’s Natural Talent and Parental Support Lit His Path

Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Jr. was born on the 11th of September 1967 in the city of New Orleans. His father, Joseph Harry Fowler, was a district attorney in New Orleans while his mom, Anita Frances, was a judge who later rose to become a Supreme Court Justice in their home state of Louisiana. He has a sister named Suzanna.

Even though Connick’s parents were both lawyers, they were huge music enthusiasts. They owned a music store and encouraged their son’s pursuit of music as his natural musical talent manifested at an early age. He began playing the piano when he was just three and started performing in public two years later. Before the age of ten, Connick had become a member of a local jazz band.

For his education, Harry Connick Jr. attended various schools, including the famed New Orleans Centre for Creative Arts. His quest for musical perfection also took him to the big apple where he attended Hunter College, as well as the Manhattan School of Music. While in New York, Connick landed a record deal at Colombia Records, sparking his turn as a full-fledged professional musician.

A Dissection Of Harry Connick Jr’s Stint In The Performing Arts

Harry would go on to establish a career in different parts of the arts, from music to acting and television hosting. He began with music, with the release of his first album, Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr. Has Sold More Than 16 Million Records

Harry Connick Jr. was released in 1987 when he was aged 19. It was mostly an instrumental album, but an impressive one that sold more than 500,000 copies. In it, Connick Jr. showed the world his dexterity as a pianist and his skill as a composer.

His sophomore album, 20, shot his name and reputation higher. Not only did it reinforce the talent he showed in his first album, but it also featured his vocals, to great critical and audience reception. In turn, the album performed better than his debut, selling more than one million copies.

The success of the album led to his first music work on a film. He provided the soundtrack to the 1989 romantic comedy film When Harry Met Sally… The soundtrack sold more than two million copies and earned Harry his first Grammy Award recognition.

Over the years, Harry showed us more of his skills as a musician on his albums and film soundtracks. So far, he has released 26 studio albums, selling more than 16 million copies. He has the most number-one albums on the Billboard Top Jazz Albums chart. Harry Connick Jr. also has one of the best-selling Christmas albums in the United States history. He achieved the feat with When My Heart Finds Christmas, released in 1993, with more than 3.15 million copies sold.

Harry Connick
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Talking about his soundtracks, he has recorded music for The Godfather Part III, The Mask, One Fine Day, and more. The Godfather Part III song, Promise You’ll Remember, received a nomination for Best Song at the Academy and Golden Globe Awards.

Harry Connick Jr’s works as a musician earned him several awards, including over 11 Grammy Awards nominations and three wins. In 2019, he was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions.

He Is A Patented Composer

By default, Harry Connick Jr. has composition credits on several of his albums, but there are a couple of feats he has achieved as a composer that stands out. He composed the music and wrote the score for the Broadway musical, Thou Shalt Not in 2000. He received a Tony Award nomination for his work.

Most impressive, however, was a U.S Patent he received for creating a system and method for coordinating music display among players in an orchestra in 2002. He created the composition system in 1999 and filed for a patent application on November 23.

Other accomplishments as a composer include working with Playground Sessions, the piano instruction software company, as a video instructor.

Harry Has Appeared in Over 34 Films and TV Shows

He had only two albums when he starred in his first movie, Memphis Belle, in 1990. He played a soldier, Sgt. Clay to modest critical and audience reception. He followed it up with appearances in Little Man Tate and his first TV show role, as Russell Boyd in an episode of Cheers
With his acting training wheels off, he starred in several movies, in the 90s, like Copycat, Independence Day, Excess Baggage, and Wayward Son. Harry Connick Jr. continued his work as an actor well into subsequent decades, and has so far, starred in more than 34 films and TV shows.

Some of his most notable acting works include The Iron Giant, where he voiced Dean McCoppin, Daniel in P.S I Love You, Executive A.D.A David Haden in Law & Order: SVU and Leo Markus in Will & Grace.

Despite his limited presence as an actor, he has received a couple of award recognition. He has a Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination for Hope Floats.

Harry Connick Jr. has also acted on stage, specifically Broadway. He starred in plays like  On a Clear Day You Can See Forever and The Pajama Game.

Harry Connick Jr. Had a TV Talk Show

His popularity and voice led the New Orleans-born musician down another career path as a TV host in September 2016. The talk show, Harry, premiered on September 12, 2016, and lasted for two seasons before its cancellation.

On the daytime talk show, Harry Connick Jr. covered various current events and had interviews with celebrities. Despite the mixed reaction to the show and its low audience rating, Harry Jr. received five Daytime Emmy Awards nominations. Some of them include two Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host and one Outstanding Original Song nominations.

Harry Connick
Harry Connick with Drew and Jonathan Scott on his show: image source

Other reality TV works and accomplishments include an appearance on American Idol as a mentor and judge in the 9th and 12th/13th seasons respectively. Also, his performances on PBS’s Great Performances, in episodes, Swinging Out with Harry and Harry Connick Jr. In Concert On Broadway, earned him three Primetime Emmy Nominations. He won two of them, for Outstanding Music Direction.

Harry Connick Jr. Has a Net Worth of $55 Million

Harry Connick Jr. has accumulated a fortune worth $55 million from his illustrious career. As discussed earlier, his wealth comes from millions of sold records, multiple movies, and TV appearances, as well as national and international tours.
Since acquiring his wealth, Harry has spent on a variety of luxuries, most notably a $1.54 million house he bought in 1998 and sold in 2017. Other purchases, including his current home, remain unknown. However, we do know that some of his $55 million go to a lot of philanthropic works.

He was quite active in the rebuilding of New Orleans following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. He took part in concerts organized to raise money for the victims and also collaborated with Habitat for Humanity in its program to help New Orleans residents rebuild their homes.
Additionally, he spearheaded the construction of the musician’s village, to give accommodation for singers who lost their homes during the floods. All these commendable efforts earned Connick the Jefferson Award for public service.

He Has Been Married For Over 25 Years

Harry Connick
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Usually, a man of his talents and accomplishments would have a notorious streak involving several women but Harry Connick Jr. has shown his other-worldly reputation isn’t just limited to his career. He has been an ideal family man, married to one woman since April 1994.

The musician is married to Jill Goodacre Connick, an actress and model who formerly worked for brands such as Victoria’s Secret. She appeared in several catalogues of the lingerie brand in the 80s and 90s, and Jill is considered one of the models who helped make Victoria’s Secret one of the world’s biggest lingerie and women’s clothing brand.

As an actress, she has appeared in at least seven TV shows, like The Uninvited, Duckman, Odd Jobs and Play for Today, her debut TV appearance.

The pair got married on April 16, 1994, at St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Together, they have three children; Georgia Tatum born in April 1996, Sarah Kate, born in June 1997, and Charlotte, born in June 2002.

Not only has he stayed away from scandals, but he has been incredibly loving. He wrote the song, Jill, in the 1991 Blue Light, Red Light album, about his wife. She has also appeared in several of his music videos. However, it hasn’t always been good news from the Connick family.

In 2017, the couple revealed that Jill had been diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2012. She had to undergo radiation surgery, as well as other forms of treatment to overcome the disease.

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