It may have seemed like good news for many people around the world when reports on Harvard’s amazing diversity record for its current first year class was reported on but the esteemed institution seems to have got into a spot of trouble for it.

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The first rate university had for the first time a first year class comprising of a majority non-white population. Activists who push for diversity in the United States were obviously thrilled at such an amazing diversity record but it would seem that the US government does not share their enthusiasm or see it as news to celebrate.

Buzz feed reported that the US Justice Department is involved in an active investigation into admissions practices at Harvard.

In August, an internal document was obtained by the New York Times which showed that the US Justice Department through an officer that was staffed by President Donald Trump’s political appointees planned to sue universities over “intentional race-based discrimination.”

These officers were found to be different from the groups that normally handle such education related matters. The Justice Department has revealed in a letter that it is looking into policies at Harvard.

The department, however, refused to provide more details about the investigation citing potential interference with “law enforcement purposes.” Neither the department nor Harvard have responded to various news organizations’ requests for comment.

Quartz suggests that there are signs that show that the Justice Department’s probe into Harvard’s admissions office is specifically focused on the school’s race-related practices, i.e. affirmative-action policies.

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When the internal document was leaked, the department issued a statement saying that its actions are in response to allegations of discrimination against Asian-American applicants at Harvard.