Life and Crimes of Harvey Glatman, An American Serial Killer

In our society, quite a number of people have gained fame mainly for their contributions to humanity in either positive or negative ways. Sadly, the likes of Harvey Glatman became popular for robbery, sexual assault, and serial killing. He was nicknamed The Glamour Girl Slayer and The Lonely-Hearts Killer solely because he was an expert in making aspiring models believe he could make them famous but kills them violently afterwards. He killed over three women and was jailed after his fourth attempt to kill another. His story still serves as lessons to many even after two decades of his death.

Harvey Glatman’s Early Years

Born on December 10, 1927, Harvey Glatman was raised in a Jewish home. He spent a few years at his place of birth; the Bronx, before eventually relocating with his family to Colorado where he joined a school. During his formative years, Harvey displayed characters that were unsavory some of which include: mood swings, isolation as a child, anti-social and more. Also, he seemed to be violent. Instead of seeing the necessities of seeking psychological help, his father Albert Glatman, being strict, disciplined him.

In addition, while in school, Harvey Glatman continued to show less interest in his studies and was often bullied by other kids. His attention span reduced as time progressed. He became even worse as a teenager and at 11, his parents noticed a red mark on his neck which they later discovered to be a mark of rope he ties on his neck while masturbating. His family was concerned and was taken to a psychologist who suggested that Harvey would someday outgrow it.

How Harvey Got Into Crime

Harvey Glatman took to crime while in High School; breaking into people’s houses to steal. In one of his operations, he stole his victim’s gun. He added to his crimes by stalking on women, tying them and sometimes molesting them. Most of his crimes were initially not noticed except by his mother Ophelia Glatman who was worried about his keeping late nights. Later, he was caught with a gun and rope while trying to get into a would-be victim’s house and later was charged to court after assaulting a certain Norene Laurel.

Harvey spent only eight months of his one-year jail sentence as he was given parole. His concerned mother had him taken to a psychiatrist who discovered he was afraid of the opposite sex. His parents had him leave Colorado after attending dance classes just to help him conquer this fear.

Harvey Glatman’s Victims And Their Deaths

Harvey Glatman’s criminal mindedness continued to lead him to steal and sexually assault women – crimes that made him spend some years in and out of prison. The desire to kill began while in Los Angeles where he was working as a television repairman. He met his first victim Judith Dull whom he claimed he wanted to make her career in modeling a better one. On getting to his apartment, he tied her, took pictures of her, raped her and strangled her afterward.

Harvey Glatman, Harvey Glatman's victim
Judy Ann Dull

Shirley Anne Bridgeford who was 24 became Harvey’ Glatman’s second victim. He lured her and played with her mind. To make her believe he was real, he disguised himself as George Williams and had a date with her. Unfortunately, he did to her what he had done on his first victim. Harvey again met his third target Ruth Mercado whose fate was no different from his first two victims even though he claimed to like and did not intend to kill her. Aside from these 3 women, Harvey Glatman was suspected to have killed other women but unfortunately, the mystery never got solved and he was not apprehended for it.

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The Arrest And Execution Of The American Serial Killer

After the aforementioned women got killed Harvey Glatman got away with it until he met Lorraine Vigil who almost became his fourth victim in 1958. But decided she was not going to end like the others and fought back until the police came to her rescue. Upon his arrest, he confessed to killing the other models. Then, in December 1958, Judge John A. Hewicker found Harvey Glatman guilty of rape and murder and was sentenced to death in San Quentin’s gas chamber.

He was imprisoned at the New York State Reception Centre in Almira, Sing Sing Correctional Facility and San Quentin State Prison. Harvey was later executed by gas chamber on September 18, 1959, at the age of 31.

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